Monday, May 26, 2008

Its been way too long since I posted so I'll catch you up. A LOT has happened in the past few weeks. I graduated, which was quite an ordeal, started work, and watched one of my best friends get married. So I guess you can say I've been a tad bit busy.
I LOVE my new job! Its exactly what I need to be doing and I'm so glad everything has worked out. I will say this though, I am going to have to put a HUGE stop to the office eating. I think I've gained 10 pounds (not really but still), just eating out every lunch. And with a vending machine right around the corner, the diet dr. peppers start piling up on my desk as the day goes on. The good news is, I won't be in the office that much anymore, so I'll be able to eat healthier by going home for lunch.
Abby's wedding was SOOOOOOOo much fun!! This is one wedding party that I know and love every single person. A lot of times, if you're a bridesmaid, you know maybe one or two other people in the wedding and its an awkward interaction with everyone else. But this wedding was completely different. ALL of the bridesmaids are really good friends of mine now. I reall hope that we'll keep up with each other since the wedding is over.
We went to a karoake bar after the reception and I convinced Mary Kate to sing a little Celine Dion. If you know her, you've probably seen her crazed Celine Dion fan impression. Well, she pretended to be that fan while she sang, "Its all coming back to me now." I was in tears. I also convinced her to sing Elton John's "Crocodile Rock." Again, if you've seen the Celine fan impression, you've seen the Crocodile Rock impression. And yes, she did ALL the motions. I have pictures of both of these so stay tuned!
So, now things will calm down a little, hopefully. I've loved the past few months, but I'm ready for a little slower pace and a little more normalcy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, I've been avoiding checking my grades in fear that I hadn't made C's or higher in my classes, which would prevent me from graduating, but I sucked it up today and after a semi-heart attack, I found out I'm good to go!

Seriously not one of my fondest moments, but it had to happen.

I start work on Monday and still haven't absorbed the fact that my days of studying are OVER! No more long nights studying, no more boring days at class wishing I could be more efficient with my time. I hear reports of how everyone wishes for their college days once they enter the working world, but I honestly don't think these words will come out of my mouth. I miss the days when all my friends were in college and we all were simply college kids. When we never struggled to find 2 hours to eat dinner together. When we could stay up late and not worry about it because class was past 11 and optional (translation: sleep in). Thats what I miss. But the truth is, I've missed that for 2 years now.

Stay tuned for terrible tacky pictures of me in cap and gown in front of the Auburn sign!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Still Procrastinating...

SO I found latest hollywood scoop!

Here'a a detailed recap of Gossip Girl...its pathetic that I love that show so much, but lets be honest, how many girls hate it? Not many.

For all of you who have been curious about how scripted The Hills really you go!

Im still balls deep in finals. Literally. My bed is scary now....piles of papers, books, notebook, Spanish dictionaries, laptop, pens. My bedside tables are covered with glasses of tea, highlighters, phones (blackberry, old cell phone, and house phone because Im forced to play house receptionist while my parents relax in Aruba), candles and a nice little arrangement of roses from our yard.

Yes, you read correctly, I made a flower arrangement. I've been domestic the past 24 hours...basically in desperate attempts to avoid learning meaningless history of Spanish civilizations in the U.S. I hope to one day be the domestic wife/mom who enjoys gardening, flower arranging and baking the perfect batch of scones, but as of now, my domestic skills leave a lot to be desired. I tried making chocolate chip pancakes this morning and about gagged when I ate them. Note to self: when the package says, "whole milk or buttermilk", DONT use Skim milk in attempt of making a healthier version. I made a HUGE mess on the stove top and practically destroyed one of Dad's oh-so-treasured Calphalon pans. If it were caught on video, you'ld probably laugh. So, Im leaving the left overs for Sarah and Im anticipating her to first act like they're good because she knows I get my feelings hurt if I make food and hear it said that its nasty. Yeh, I should probably work on this insecurity. It works the same for my gift giving anxiety, but I digress.

Anyway, I've been making desperate attempts to escape my reality for the next 5 days by doing things around the house. Example 1: folding and putting away all of Sarah's laundry. REALLY!?? she doesnt even do it for herself. Literally...she just leaves it in a hamper and pulls out what she needs, and throws the dirty stuff on the floor to later be collected and washed. As I was putting up her clothes, I realized her room is a dump (probably because she's in the process of moving all of her dorm stuff home for the summer) and I was determined to give it a makeover. Again, REALLY?? She could care less that her room reflects her personality. Give her a comfy bed and a TV, she's set. Who cares that you can't walk in her room. You don't need to. Its funny that she does this because it irritates mom to NO END. The two times a day she makes it upstairs (morning to open blinds and night to close them), she acts as though life simply cannot go on with a pigsty for a room. "Rachel, PLEASE dont use those pillows to sleep on!!" I get that one a lot.

Example 2: I did my laundry. Ok let me clarify something here. I usually make laundry a bi-monthly experience. I devote a day to the laundry room and the breakfast room table eventually becomes invisible because it is covered with my clothes. I even took it so far as to iron my jeans. Im not proud of this at all. Im simply avoiding studying.

Example 3: I've spent a good hour and a half finding new blogs. This is easy to do, but the problem is, you have to read each blog before you make it a favorite. So, imagine how much information I've absorbed from 4 new blogs. If only that information would help me remember the path of Hernando DeSoto's expedition and deciphering between noun, adjective, and adverb clauses IN SPANISH. I was so excited yesterday to stumble across the Gossip Girl article, that I keep hoping someone will send something as juicy my way!

Alright, enough. Back to meaningless mess that I will have forgotten 10 minutes after the final!