Monday, August 25, 2008

J.Crew: Back in the game...

I remember in fifth grade hearing about the famous J.Crew catalog. Girls ranted and raved about it. "Oh my gosh, did you get the new J.Crew catalog? I want EVERYTHING in there!"
Well, I always played along with this, but never understood. I always thought their products were boring and repetitive.
I kept trying to figure it out...the magic of J.Crew that everyone else had apparantly been mesmerized by and I somehow missed that fairy dust.
But after years and years of never seeing the light, I sadly gave up on them. The catalogs went straight to the trash and eventually stopped coming.
SOMEHOW, I got put back onto the mailing list and now I can honestly say I've been mesmerized.
I came home crying from work, feeling sick as a dog (which is why I've been MIA the past few weeks...that and one certain person I've been spending time with:) ) and decided to give the sucker a shot.
Good thing I did because I fell in love.
My mom asked me the other day for a Christmas wish list (yes its August, you have to know her to understand...she says she's getting a late start this year...REALLY!?!?), and I told her I had NO CLUE what I wanted.
Well, DEAR SANTA: Heres my list.

This picture turned out blurry, but the necklace has an owl on it.
If you've ever met me, you understand!
LOVING these!!! Although I don't wear flats to work.

And here's my most major obsession: The pinecone and squirrel bracelet.

I have more weddings in the future...guess I better start stocking up again!! :)

Ok the picture here does this cashmere sweater no justice, but its AMAZING!!!

Looks like it came straight from my grandmother's jewelry box!!

Fall dress for work? Yes please!

And LOOOOOVE this!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The countdown is on. Two more days, and I'll be parked right here for the weekend. My vacation days have officially started and what better way to use those suckers up than sitting on the beach in Destin, FL???

Be jealous. Because this girl has been spending EVERY weekday without time off AT ALL ..... ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

I've been spending quite a bit of time on the road and have no plans to stop. It gives me something to look forward to and helps the week go faster.

Last weekend, I was in Tallahassee and while I was waiting on someone, I decided I absolutely HAD to keep busy so I went to the mall. After I bought a pair of shoes I've had my eye on for quite some time, the sales lady told me to go smell this perfume.

Its called "Alien." I'm quite obsessed with perfume and have VERY VERY picky tastes, so to jump to the top of my favorites is quite an accomplishment. This is DEFINITELY on my wish list. (If only I hadn't dropped such a heafty amount of money on the oh-so-necessary digital camera I bought on a whim....while talking on the phone...simply because I was waiting on an appointment...REALLY!!?!). But seriously, go try this sucker out!!

Speaking of perfume, I recently saw that David Yurman has created a perfume. I'm quite the fan of his work so I'm quite curious if I will be as impressed by this. I usually can't stand it when people try to venture out into products that aren't their specialty. Really Celine, Paris, SJP, Hilary Duff, J-Lo (the list could go on...)??? Just because you guys are celebrities doesn't mean that you are automatically qualified to "design" a scent. Sorry...but no.

Anyway, if someone has tried this scent out, let me know what you think and where it is sold!!

K off to bed...the 5 am alarm will come way to soon and that simply means I have to drag myself out of bed to get to the gym. UGH....

Friday, August 8, 2008

On the road again...

Looking like another weekend on the road for this girl!

Its not really summer if you never leave town right??

Im just hoping that my decision to bypass the routine maintenance at the Volvo dealership and take the "quick and cheap" way out at the Quicklube wasn't a mistake. It definitely wasn't quick. I sat in my car for an HOUR while they discreetly messed up my car. Turns out that the transmission fluid was clogged (I know...I don't have a clue), and so it "shouldn't have any problems but give us a call if it does."

Needless to say, I'm a little bit nervous to be on a four hour drive at night by myself to Tallahassee and possibly have my car mess up.


Oh well, Im excited about the weekend...should be quite a bit of fun!! :)

Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Goes Around...

So maybe I was slacking a little today and needed a coffee pick-me-up. I had gone home for a few minutes to do some things from my computer because I have quite a few technologically-challenged customers who need my help with the simple things like attaching files in an email or actually just turning on the computer. Yes, I'm sadly not overexaggerating.

Anyway. I later went to Starbucks to get my coffee and after I ordered and was waiting in line (trapped between 2 cars), I realized I had left my wallet at my house. Imagine my panic. Where would I come up with $4.50 worth of change in the next minute? I started preparing my speech in my head as I waited. I got to the window and gave him the spill.

"Im so sorry. I can't find my wallet. I'm going to have to cancel my order." Well you know that by the time I got to the window, my drink was already made and that "order" couldn't be "canceled."

Surprisingly, the guy was ultra-sweet and understanding. He said I could have it for free because they would throw it away again. I took it feeling VERY guilty and decided it was time to cash in my good deed for the day.

I drove home, picked up my wallet and then drove back to the 'bucks to pay for my drink. It felt good and I was truly expecting something good to come my way.

You want to know what that "good thing" was? Yeh it was quite the opposite. Twenty minutes later I discovered I had lost a $3000 check from a customer who isn't even mine. After explaining that to him, I sucked it up and forked over a $30 check for the cancelation fee.

So, do I believe in Karma?

Not at this moment!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Made For Walkin....

I love when August rolls around for one specific reason: magazine heaven time!! September editions of all fashion magazines are the best. Packed full of the upcoming heart skips a little beat when I see it on the shelves at Books-A-Million. I have to first flip through and get a little preview and then later go back and spend serious time reading each and every page. Yeh, I know, this is pathetic, but its one of my things.
In the September 2008 edition of Lucky Magazine, a few people were asked how they prepare for the new clothing season. Everyone had good ideas like writing out every thin you want on a post it and keeping it at your desk so that when you get it, you can cross it off the list. I know how I am and if they all get crossed off, I'm going to feel pretty good.
One lady talked about the importance of buying boots early in the game. I've always tried to wait it out and get a good bargain, but I usually hurt myself with this. By November when the sales kick in, my size is usually sold out and then im up the creek with no paddle. SO, this year, I'm going to think ahead and buy in advance. Well made boots trully are an investment worth every penny. I've had one pair I LOVE for 4 years and I keep wearing them (despite how impossible they are to take off) year after year because they've held up so well and actually look new!!
On my list of purchases for this month (all from Nine West...which happens to have quite a few things I love):