Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was really dreading putting in my resignation. I really thought I was going to catch a lot of mess from my bosses and co-workers. But thankfully, everything went very smoothly.

So far I've gotten nothing but positive feedback about my decision to move.

Im sure everyone has their opinions and are keeping them to themselves, but I havent heard a negative word yet.

Right now I am still numb to the fact that my whole life will soon change. Everything I'm comfortable with...gone.

Im thrilled and terrified all at once to be going out on such a leap of faith.

Moving to a city where my only friends are Ryan's friends...kinda scary.

I know 100% that this is what I am supposed to do, but I still have fears in the back of my head.

This changes everything now.

So instead of listing out all my fears and worries, Ill list what I'm thankful for (come on, give me a break...Im allowed to be cheesy once in a while)!

Im thankful to have a job in a time of economic crisis.

Im thankful I have friends and family who support me even when they don't understand me.

Im thankful that I am healthy and happy.

Im thankful that I got new insurance (here's the old lady coming out in me...)

Im thankful I don't have to pack anything because its already done and waiting in a storage unit!!

and last but definatley not least...

Im thankful Im getting out of the Jingle Bell Run because I just have to move that day...darn!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well its official now!!

I'm packing up all my things and moving to Tallahassee.

I've kept this quiet for quite some time because I've been interviewing for this one job all this time.

I guess I should wait until I turn in the two weeks notice to my current job before I post this, but really, what are a few hours??

I am absolutely amazed at the way the Lord has worked in my life in the past 6 months. Now looking back, I see how His timing is perfect.

If you had told me six months ago that I would have fallen for someone in Florida I would have said you're absolutley crazy.

If you had told me that I would move to Florida to be in the same town as him, I would have said you're on drugs.

And now, after MANY months of wondering if my life would ever fall into place like everyone else I know, I'm starting to see the light.

Let me back up.

From the very beginning, I knew that Ryan was not just some guy I would date. It was and IMMEDIATE connection (** and I was always told this would happen by a lot of friends, but I never believed them).

It was only a matter of weeks until we both started talking about SOMEHOW finding a way for us to be in the same town.

Weeks went by without much hope, and believe me, there were many low points. Times when I thought that we just weren't meant to be in the same place.

MANY miles and hours were spent on the road, visiting each other on the weekends, and each time got harder and harder to leave.


About two months ago, I reached a breaking point with my job and I decided it was time to start applying for a new job. As much as everyone thinks I started looking for a new job because I wanted to move to Tallahassee, I hate to say there was more involved.

I was dreading going to work everyday. I was ALWAYS stressed out and Monday - Friday, I wasn't happy until 5pm. So I decided, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE.

I started applying for jobs and the wierdest thing happened.

I applied for one position and literally my phone rang no more than 2 hours later.

Things went really fast from there.

An hour long phone interview, followed by a trip to Jacksonville, FL for another interview with the regional director.

I was convinced I had the job...almost leased an apartment.

But, nothing happened.

Weeks went by and I heard NOTHING.

All along, I completely gave up my anxiety for this job. I prayed and prayed for God's will to be done.

So after not hearing anything, I simply took that as a sign that its not the right fit for me.

Fast forward to last tuesday.

I get a call asking if Im still interested in the position.

"OF COURSE I AM!!" aaaheeem, i mean, "Yes, I am."

So the in person interview with the local branch was set for Saturday afternoon and voila...this girl is a new hire!

I will be an event and healthcare coordinator for the Tallahassee branch of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

I cannot explain how happy I am to be escaping the evil corporate America I've been enslaved to since May 12.

To work and know that you are doing something good for others, it just makes me smile. starts the whirlwind of business.

I have NOWHERE to live, NO idea of when and how to move.

So, life should be exciting for me the next few weeks!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its almost Friday!! Surprisingly this week has gone fairly quickly. I guess the ridiculous stress level my job so kindly provides helps pass the time. Literally I will get to my desk at 8 and the next thing I know, I'm being yelled at to get out of the office because its already 10:30. So each week when Thursday rolls around, I start preparing myself. Preparing for end of the week B.S. Theres just something about the end of the week that just gets me every time. 5 Days worth of stress and problems add up and Friday around 3pm I'm ready to either cry or hit someone. But buddy, when that clock hits 5 pm, all of this just magically disappears!

I'm heading back down to Tallahassee tomorrow for the weekend. We have plans to do ABSOLUTELY nothing!! CANNOT WAIT!!! I do have one important thing that needs to be done but more on that in a few days:)!!

Just thought I might leave you with this little tidbit. If you are a fan of Taylor Swift, go buy her album NOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Despite some of the embarassingly immature lyrics ("when you're 15"), it is packed with some amazing songs. I love this girl because her songs are so real and they each tell a little story about her love life. I vividly remember a lot of the things she sings about.
Have a good weekend!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wish I had some decent pictures to share from this weekend, but sadly I don't. We had a long weekend and I must say it was quite nice to not do ONE BIT of work!

Friday night, Ryan and I went to Crockmiers. I've never been there and always heard great things about it so I decided to give it a shot. Besides being surrounded by tables of screaming kids, it was a nice dinner. (** Who brings kids to nice restaurants like this on Friday nights? This is a date spot people...if you can afford to eat here, you can afford a babysitter. I'm just saying. )


Please be jealous...

We went to see Charlotte's Web at ASF on Saturday.

Yes, you read correctly.

This has been in the works since the first weekend I met the Nelsons. So this has been a long anticipated/dreaded??!?! event. We had some good laughs walking in as we walked through lines of five year olds. I had another one of my stupid moments, that I won't be sharing considering that a five year outsmarted me. And the best moment of all was at the end when the actors were taking their bows. Ryan is dying out laughing...were talking belly laugh at this point. I lean over and ask him what is so funny and his response was, "that we're here." Which was quickly followed by the lead actress tripping and busting on stage. This was it for him. He busted out laughing to the point where I had to hit him. Great memory.

Then we did the whole parents meet each other at dinner at our house thing. A few awkward moments. Let's be honest. How many people can claim the first meeting of the parents was the best time of their lives?? But everything went well and hopefully all the first impressions were good.

I took yesterday off to spend an extra day with the little five year old stuck in a 24 year olds body. And much to my surprise he stayed an extra night. I was beginning to be spoiled there. Almost to the point where I was starting to need some time to myself. I've never gotten to that point yet, probably because its usually 2 or 3 days MAX that we get to spend together all separated by the week.

All in all, a great weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Add this one to my list

So, I've been known to say some stupid things here and there.

I've let a few embarassinginly stupid questions cross my lips a time or two.

And I've kinda become known for all the point where there is a running list that is usually updated AT LEAST once a week!


I don't think I've ever done ANYTHING more stupid than this.

Prepare yourself to say, "Wow" and roll your eyes at me...I deserve it!! :)

It was this past Monday and we all know how Mondays are. I hadn't quite gotten into the groove of the week and quite frankly I was tired from my weekend of laziness.

But this is no excuse.

I came back to the office around 4 pm and was freakishly thirsty.

Simple Solution: hit up the coke machine.

Im digging through my bag searching for change to get that Diet Sunkist I was dying to have.

And so, I came up with the change.

But much to my disappointment, the stupid machine wouldn't give me my drink.

I walk back to my desk and am just ticked off at this point.

I start fussing about how all I wanted was something to drink and I am so sick and tired of working for a bootleg company who can't even provide a decent coke machine.

Someone asked me what happened, so I explained.

"The stupid thing wouldn't take my pennies. All I need is ten cents, but NOOOO that POS is gonna be cranky and deny me my sunkist"


Thats because vending machines dont take pennies.

NOTHING takes pennies!

Everyone was on the floor laughing at my stupidity, but at this point I'm convinced I'm not the only moron who has lived 24 years without knowing this.

So I send Ryan a text explaining to him how my whole office is laughing at me because I didnt know that coke machines dont take pennies.

I was banking on him not knowing this either.

A few hours later, I get this response from him.

"Sorry I've been at training with the team. So did you send me this text to make fun of you? By the way, everyone is laughing about this now!"


As if that group of crack heads (aka all the tri-athletes) didnt have enough to joke on me about.

Lets add stupid to my list of endearing qualities that they don't understand what he sees in me.


Everyone got some great laughs out of it and I guess I'm glad to provide the entertainment.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ahhhh it feels pretty good to be doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

After numerous weekends filled with trips to Lowes and then doing some time of renovation, I decided its time I spend some much needed time with my sister.

HOPEFULLY (**fingers crossed) this weekend will be the LAST weekend of work and the house will be FINISHED!

Ryan and his parents are spending some good quality family time this weekend installing the wood floors and putting the last touches on the house.

I decided to stay out of the way and make a weekend trip up to Auburn to hang out with old friends and Sarah.

I almost felt like a college kid again last night.

I'ld like to say that it was like I never left, but sadly I can't.

The yawns started kicking in around 11pm (embarassing), and I found myself discussing 401K's and the housing market while at a bar. 


But, it was a fun night.

I got to go out with some of my favorite girls and squeezed in a nice visit to our favorite, Fuji Sushi...too bad I left my debit card there (I guess thats the irresponsible college kid wanting to come out again).

Sarah and I have layed in bed all morning long watching the dvd series of The Starter Wife.  We're being ultra lazy, which we can do very well together, and loving EVERY second of it.

I got an early morning call from Ryan wanting to see how my night was.  After a few stories following with him laughing at how much of an old woman I have become, he starts telling me how he's already run a "quick 5."   Yes, he's now training for a marathon...kill me!

Quick run, trip to Starbucks for breakfast with his family (where else would they go??), and then 2 days of remodeling.

Yeh, I'm glad thats not my weekend plan (except for the Starbucks part).

Off to lunch at 1:3o with Sarah at Niffers.

Ahhh to be in college again!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've discovered something amazing...

If I weren't already a Starbucks addict (averaging around $40/week ), I've found a way to add to my problem.

And no I don't mean joining a support group.

The Starbucks Gold Card.

Taken straight from

"Starbucks Gold is for those of you we see every day. You're our heart and soul. You're the ones who keep us going. Join for an annual membership fee of $25 and receive:
10% off most purchases in participating U.S. Starbucks stores *
A free drink when you purchase your membership in-store
Option to pay however you’d like (cash, credit card, etc.)
Then when you register, you'll unlock additional value:
A free beverage on your birthday
Exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year
Free Wi-Fi access for up to 2 hours each day in participating Starbucks stores"

When I popped into what we affectionately refer to as "the green church" today to get my free coffee for voting (**which actually resulted into my usual grande non-fat 2 equal latte...NOT FREE), I found this amazing new discovery.

Its sad how I got so excited about this, I know.

But to be honest, I'm by NO MEANS the worst addict.

There are a few in the Tallahassee crew (aaahheem....Heidi and Jamey), who frequent the green church more than me. And I will continue to blame all of them for contributing to my problem.

You know its bad when you go to Starbucks 3 times in one day

You know its bad when you walk in the door and they know your name.

Its even worse when you don't have to order, you just hand over your card and a few minutes later, your drink magically appears.

You know its bad when you're sitting outside the green church, talking with family, and a Starbucks employee, who is leaving to go home, comes and has a nice chat with the group.

I could go on and on but I wont bore you too much.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Who wants to do this?


Now add in about 2000 more athletes and you have what is also known as the beginning of the most ridiculous, entertaining, amazing, etc. event I've EVER been to in my life...


Saturday morning Ryan and I woke up at 4 am and drove from Tallahassee to Panama City to support his brother in law, Jamey, who is crazy enough to have done this insane race.

I've expressed to many people my lack of any form of understanding of the triathalon world.

I've sworn I'll NEVER participate.

I've said that I don't like them...blah blah blah.

ALL of that went out the window as soon as I saw the beach PACKED with THOUSANDS of participants and spectators at 7 am, waiting for thes crack heads to jump in the freezing water to start off their 9 hr+ race/adventure with a 2.5 mile swim.

Word of the event, used by even all my little tri buddies: IDIOTS!!

After about an hour, the morons pop out of the water and run to transition to their bikes to set off for something like 120 miles.

My thoughts on this: WHY?!?!?!

If I were to swim that amount (which wouldn't happen...I would definitely drown after one lap around the course), the absolute LAST thing I would even consider doing is jump on a bike for a good 5-6 hours.


My thoughts would be either: a) take me to the hospital and put a morphine pump in me for a good 2 days


b)Bring on the margaritas!!


guys, it gets worse...

after 6 or 7 miles, its time for a MARATHON!

Again, IDIOTS!

No, but really, it was trully amazing and probably the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

The amount of training that these 2500 people have put into this one event is unreal.

The intense dedication these people have is beyond admirable.

And the determination to keep pushing after HOURS of pain and torture is something I cannot fathom.

The looks on their faces when they crossed the finish line wer priceless.

HUGE men with tears rolling down their cheeks...a very humbling scene.

And if that doesn't do it for you, the little girl who was waiting on her dad at the finish line who grabbed his hand, ran the last few steps with an ENORMOUS smile.

"No, I'm not crying!!"

There was not a dry eye in the place.

What an amazing that I highly suggest you watching, even if you don't know anyone doing it.

Jamey earned MAJOR cool points in my book!!