Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not the most flattering picture of her, but I thought I would be a good sister and let Sarah know I'm thinking about her. Apparantly she has pneumonia. When she came to visit, I had NO IDEA she was that sick and now I feel bad for pushing her to keep up at my crazy daily pace. Sorry Deck! Hope you get well soon!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Reason number 3003049590 why I am so glad I found Ryan: Christmas at THE BEACH!
I grew up with a yearly beach trip as a TREAT and now I get to Destin ALL THE TIME! I cannot begin to explain how much I love that place. It makes me happy to just see the water. And this past weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!

We had a nice fam jam with all of his relatives and managed to squeeze in a little shopping date for the two of us. Believe it or not I requested a trip to Bass Pro Shop (please hold the gasps)! I have somehow lost my rainbow flip flops and with 75 degree weather all the time here in FL, I figured I ought to go ahead and buy some replacements. So that is the ONLY reason why I requested a visit to that nightmare of a store. No I have no completely changed! Turns out Bass Pro Shops doesnt sell them and I had to suffer through an hour of torture. Basically Ryan was a kid in a candy store. "OOH shiny object!!" I was just waiting to find him in the huge tank swimming. And THAT is why I love that kid so much...he never ceases to surprise me ... EVER!

And I'll leave you with a funny picture I like to call, "Where's Ryan?!?!?!"

This was in the moving truck and I came out to find him jumping from box to box tying things down with my LONG cable cord because it was 11 pm and we had nothing else. This just makes me smile for so many reasons. One...he was absolutely LOVING this. Two: Im just happy that I dont have to deal with moving for a while. I could go on and on!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Soooo....I have A LOT of spare time on my hands with the rest of the week off and I've done everything so far with my apartment as far as unpacking goes. Im getting kind of ancy because I haven't had free time in I dont know how long.

So here is somewhat of a tour of my place since I moved too far for most to pop in and visit!!

**I still don't get blogger very well, so I apologize for the randomness of the order of the pictures!

Ok so we will start in my room. I've always loved this dresser. It was my mom's growing up and I have had it for many years now! Seems like a lot of my furniture, well mostly all of it, is from my college days. Sadly, I won't be buying any replacements soon because as much fun as the non-profit world is, the paychecks dont allow for an extravagant lifestyle!

One side of my closet. The only reason I posted this was to show that I have NOT organized this to the OCD extreme I've kept my closets for the past 15 years of my life. I actually let mom hange everything up and havent touched it since. I'm sure there is a 2 am adventure coming soon where I wake up and HAVE to get this thing in shape!

HAHA and here's Sarah asleep on the couch. I would have taken a picture of the couch but she's sick and passed out.

A tribute to tack verticle blinds. I HATE these things! But they're too much of a pain to try to replace!

And this guy, he was my biggest impulse purchase I've ever made, except for the $800 flight for Ryan to Aruba...Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Ryan.

A shot from the kitchen into the living room. I dont know if you can tell but I have vaulted ceilings. I love these...takes me back to my Ross Park days!

And a random shot of the stove. You can tell I'm very bored Im sure!

My desk. And yes, this is my desk from 2nd grade. She's quite the trooper. I want to save it for when I have kids one day and I just pray she doesnt completely fall apart!

The fireplace that will probably never get used. I sent Ryan a text the other day while i was at work telling him I wanted to build a fire that night...no response. Later that night he suggested it, as if it were his brilliant idea. Too bad I don't have tools for it, I responded. And then he said, "I could make do I'm sure."

I LOVE this thing! It holds all my earrings...none of which are ever worn. I stay on the phone all day at work and big heavy earrings are just not practical these days for me!

Back to my room. The sad little old tv that needs to be replaced asap! Eww and old tv? Not a flatscreen or plasma?? GROSS!!
Just Kidding.

My bed.
Im just now realizing how boring my room is.

Some of the master bath.
Sorry, the other bathroom is just not presentable!

And there you have it, my place. Kinda sad now that I pay attention. A lot of hand me downs and college purchases.

Ryan and I have been having a little argument lately. My parents are hosting an engagement dinner for this girl....

LOVE Sara Whatley (but more on that later!).... and the invitation says, "Coat and Tie."
Now if you have ever met Ryan, you will immediately laugh because you know he is not a coat and tie type of guy. He doesn't own a suit and his idea of dressed up is a pair of khaki slacks and a nice button down shirt tucked in with a nice belt and some loafers. So, the idea of having to wears something any dressier than this just repulses him.

BUT, he knows that he can't always have his way so he has been asking around trying to come up with what actually fits into the coat and tie category. He doesn't want to be over or under-dressed.

Down here in Florida, they do things a lot different from us traditional southerners. Here, dressed up is jeans and a nice shirt. I seriously haven't pulled out my dressy clothes in MONTHS because I would simply look like an idiot wearing a dress to dinner.

He has had quite an aray of suggestions, some terrible/some semi-tolerable. The WORST would have to come from his sister and her husband. I was shocked because Jamey normally dresses very well and would fit right in in Montgomery. The two of them suggested he wear a nice pair of jeans with a dress shirt and tie and a corduroy jacket. I'm gagging!! NO SIR!!!

I argued that any time an invitation indicates the dress code, it usually tries to suggest the level of formal-ness the party will have. And my interpretation of coat and tie is, put the suit on and ladies wear a simple cocktail dress. Basically what you would wear to a 4pm wedding.

So, please give me some suggestions. I voted for a suit but he vetoed it!!

About Sara...

I am sooooo thrilled for her!! I've been friends with Sara since 5th grade and I have some pretty good stories of us throughout the years!! We've been partners in crime for all this time and I am so happy that she is about to become Mrs. Caldwell!!

Here are some more pictures of Christmas weekend...the good ones will be posted whenever my mom sends them.

Heres little Lexington sitting on her throne!!

Basically if she can find someone to hold her or sit next to (preferably mom or dad), shes all about it.

this is one of Ryan's candids. I went through the pictures and found a bunch of "what is this?!?!?" Shots!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little peak into the past few days...

Ryan and I headed "up north" back to Montgomery to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was a very busy weekend but we somehow managed to get it all in. More on that later. Sarah just got to my apartment and Im off to have some quality sassy time aka watching movies like a bunch of slobs for 2 days!

Madison watching Dad open his favorite gift...the laser picture level complete with a tripod stand...gotta love restoration hardware and their cool stocking stuffers!

Sarah sick and wrapped in her down comforter. i think it was really an excuse to stay in sloth mode for as long as possible!

And I couldn't help but take a picture of Madison and Ryan. What more could I want???

Here are some pictures from last week's fundraiser. Its called a "lockup" because we "arrest" high profile people in each community and make them raise their bail. Its all really fun, but a lot of work. ALL worth it when you see exactly where your money is going!

This is Lottyn. He is 10 and has a very rare form of muscular dystrophy. He's one of 50 in the WORLD with this disease. You can't see but he has leg braces and uses a walker to get around. He absolutely stole my heart! His sweet little heart is something everyone could learn from and he is beyond happy to be so disabled. THIS make every hour of work totally worth it!! Here he is with two of Tifton's firefighters. Their number one charity is MDA so we work with firefighters every where we go!!

Here's Lottyn's mug shot!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I woke up early this morning and have a few spare minutes before I kick off another round of 15 hour work days and then a road trip up to Alabama to celebrate Christmas. My office has been working hard this week to get ready for yet ANOTHER fundraiser. We're leaving this afternoon for Tifton, GA and staying overnight. We'll spend ALL DAY there and come back late Thursday night.

My job is SOOOO different from my last job. There is always something to do. I have yet to have a minute where I think, "hmmm what can I do now?" In fact, my thoughts are more like, "How am I going to get everything done?" But staying busy is good...busy makes the day go by SO FAST!

Ryan and I are heading up to Montgomery Friday night to stay the weekend. This will be my Christmas celebration with my family. We've still got a little last minute shopping to do! After lunch with Dad's family in Sylacauga, were heading to Birmingham to squeeze in a few more purchases!

I just havent been able to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Im sad to say that! I have just been way too busy to even decorate. All the gifts are unwrapped in my linen closet. I really have NO idea when those will be wrapped. Im hoping Ryan may read my mind and have these wrapped when I get home :) .... Yeh right!

And just a little comment on the weather here. I've pretty much come to grips with the fact that a cold Christmas is not really an option. It feels like spring time here. The Uggs havent made an appearance in days :( !

One last thing...I scored an amazing haircut last night from the cutest salon here call The Green Peridot. The average price of a haircut in Tallahassee is around $80 and Im proud to brag that I got mine for $40! And no, this is not a bo-bo salon. Its an aveda salon with all senior stylists! That deal felt really good!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Lauren Conrad,

Im really getting sick and tired of you. What have you ever done? "Designed" yet ANOTHER line of jersey dresses and tops (that look cheap)? Made a huge deal about the rumored sex tape you had with that skeez Jason? LC, Im on to you. Because you took a WHOLE season of The Hills and made one of the BIGGEST publicity stunts ever! Like we didn't all know what you were up to trying to make us all turn our backs on Heidi. Please. She's just an idiot who fell for a crazy. YOU, LC, YOU are the one who turned that sex tape scandal into something way bigger than it ever would have been, had you left it alone.

But despite my frustration with you and your so called celebrity-ness, I have to put this out there. I am BEYOND sick of your hair!!!!

Seriously, we've seen this look on you since, oh, the FIRST time you were on tv. Its boring. And that long "wavy/curled" look is beyond dated. I cant stand this look on ANYONE! Why don't you branch out a little bit? You did earlier and look how cute your hair was!!
It was mature and stylish and not trying too hard. Think about it. Yeh that long ugly don't that youre sporting may be your signature, but I've seen it enough! For christmas, do the world a favor and change things up a little bit!!!

Moving on from that little rant! So I guess Im due for a little catch up. This has been a very crazy week with work and still getting all the little odds and ends done that come with moving. So, wednesday night, Ryan picked up on my stress level and was oh-so-sweet and decided to make thursday night a date night.
I got excited because honestly, we dont go out...ever! Seriously. Basically already a boring married couple (minus the rings!). So when he suggested this, my mind started running wild with ideas of things we could do. Dinner, drinks, movie, shopping, walk around Lake Ella, etc. I was curious to see what he would pick.
Well Thursday as I was leaving work, a MONSOON (yes, Sarah I said Monsoon) rolled into Tallahassee. Im serious. The 2 minute drive home was miserable so I knew I wasn't getting back out in that again! I got home and the cable guy was there. So at that point I'm realizing that date night "aint happnen" (quoted from the lady at chevron).
So this is what our date night consisted of...

A three ingredient entree cooked by Ryan. He felt proud of his Chicken Parmesan. Too bad I wasn't all that impressed that he dumped spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese on top of chicken breast and baked it. Very typical.

Ive given him a hard time about our lame date night. Because I ended up cooking all the side dishes and cleaning up. So, last night I drug him to the mall with me to start my marathon of Christmas shopping. He suffered through a long adventure in Banana Republic and one if Victorias Secret. He was miserable.
Now I have a list of 1000 things to get done by Sunday because I have to go out of town for another fundraiser this coming week, then were heading up to Montgomery to celebrate Christmas with my family. I have to buy gifts and do all that good stuff.
But when the invitation to join the Tri group for breakfast here was extended....

the list is being shoved in the corner! Sorry, theres always time for a good meal like this!!
Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know I'm a little late getting my wish list to you. I've had quite a busy fall. With moving and starting a new job, I havent had time to be selfish and make a list of things I want and need.

Santa, I'm ashamed to say that I have had a hard time thinking of some things for you to bring me. Everything I need is quite expensive and I can't think of anything that I simply want.

So, I can give you a start. You know me fairly well. Every year, you've been good to me... a few let downs (never got that Auburn cheerleader outfit I always wished for and never told anyone about because I thought you were that magical and already knew), but nevertheless, you've been right on target.

Here are a few things you could pack in that sleigh of yours. Locations of stores for all of these items can be easily found, just ask :) !!!

Santa, you know how unruly my hair can be. And now, living in Florida (basically a swamp), I think its time I invest in a good hairdryer. Not the bo-bo kind from walmart. No sir, I want the real deal!

And because I have a boyfriend with a botomless pit for a stomach, a Publix gift card would be greatly appreciated by BOTH of us! Santa you know as well as anyone that Publix is our store...the only place I let Ryan act like a true 5 year old. Yep, I even let him skip around and dance and sing in there. In fact Santa, its kind of a tradition now. Its our thing. We know we're wierd.

You know it never hurts to dream!! Anything in this store is sure to bring a smile to my face! You know me Santa. Surprise me!!

And because you know I live in Banana Republic, a gift card would be greatly appreciated and quickly used! My co-workers will thank you too when I come in with pretty clothes!!

And again with taking care of my hair, you know I LOVE this stuff!! So keep my stocking in mind when you stock me up on this goodness.
A few more ideas:
*at LEAST 3 GUARANTEED phone dates a week with my partner in crime Sarah Mills
*magically locate for me a new hairstylist and set of doctors
*a new bed for my guest bedroom (throw in a magical clean up of all the boxes in there!)
*a weekend getaway trip to somewhere cool like Savannah or New Orleans
*more pots and pans for my sad collection
Yep, that should do it Santa, you're the best!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its been a VERY VERY VERY BUSY week so far.

A little recap for ya...

Monday: I started my new job full force. Things are very different in the non-profit world. And I think I'm really gonna like it. Compare an office of 200+ to my now 7 people office, Im in for a treat!! I actually learned everyone's names within the first few hours. It took me weeks to do that in Montgomery, and that was just for my department!!

We worked until 2 then loaded up two cars with all kinds of boxes and headed to Destin, FL.

Please be jealous...

Yes, my first day of work was spent at the beach.

Ok, so it wasn't a fun trip by any means.

We stayed up until around midnight doing all kinds of things setting up for our fundraising event.

Tuesday: Woke up WAY too early in the Hampton Inn (memories flooding back to me from Abby's bachelorette party). Breakfast at 6:30 then off to work until around 9pm.

The event was a lot of fun, not as successful as we had hoped, but was quite the learning experience. I was beyond exhausted from it, but thankfully got a really good nights sleep.

It was a good thing because we went full force ahead today in the office.

All in all, things are going well. Im getting the hang of things little by little. I just want to fast forward to when I know how to do everything without asking. I need some patience!

Life outside the job:
haven't really had one recently minus the moving part.
Ryan and I did go to a wimpy christmas tree farm with heidi and jamey. We were looking for the beastly 18 ft perfect tree but didnt have any luck. First and foremost, the types of trees they had were NOT Christmas trees. I'm sorry i want a tree that can hold ornaments. These puny little things probably couldnt even support a strand of lights.
Ill stick to my traditional fir...thanks.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Progress has been made.

Everything has been moved.


Its all piled in boxes ALL throughout my apartment.

Every time I've moved in the past, I would get everything moved in and then stay up all night until everything was put away.

Yeh....this doesn't really work when you move 3.5 hrs away and there are only two people moving a TON of stuff.

Bless his heart, Ryan was such a trooper.

When I was getting tired and cranky, he kept on working and sweetly motivating me to keep going.

I am so lucky to have him!!

So we stayed up until around midnight and said, ENOUGH!

Slowly but surely I am getting stuff put up. There is A LOT more to do though!

Im sneaking in a break while Ryan goes to get our Starbucks.

And can I just brag about how sweet the location of my apartment is!!
Literally a half mile from my office, Starbucks, Publix, Moes and TCBY!!!! Be very jealous!
And not too far is a Fresh Market, Target, Walmart.

Today's plan:
Mom is coming to help out, so I hope we get ALL the apartment FINISHED!

And then tomorrow:
CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPING with Ryan, Heidi and Jamey!!!! And can I just add in here that I am beyond pumped about this!!!

Ok, back to work! Have a good Saturday!!

Oh yeh, one more thing...CHOMP CHOMP...WAR DAMN GATORS!!!
Im pulling for the other set of orange and blue to DEMOLISH bama in the SEC championship!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Please Dont Hate Me...

So please don't pass too much judgement on me.
This past weekend, I committed a little bit of adultery...I cheated...
on my beloved Tigers...
With this guy...

Instead of being the loyal fan I was raised to be,
I spent the day of the Iron Bowl at the Florida/FSU game.
And can I just say, I was not impressed...
Excuse me FSU AND UF, but where are your cheers?
Where is your mic man?
Why haven't I heard all your fight songs?
Where are your freaking shakers??
Why aren't you dressed in your Sunday best?
THAT is what makes football.
And to make things worse, I went agaisnt ALL of my rules for football (well maybe not all of them)!!
I showed up in a FSU T-shirt, jeans and Merrells...
Im humiliated at myself.
A t-shirt???
I NEVER wore a t-shirt to an Auburn game...EVER!
In fact I ALWAYS had a dress on...ALWAYS!
Im ashamed to say that I sported the enemy's color (crimson...Ryan argues FSU is Garnet...but whatever its not orange and blue)
I DID NOT do that stupid tomahawk chop they do!
And when the UF cheerleaders were yelling, "Orange and Blue"
I yelled with them.
Ryan looked over and said, "Not gonna do the chop?"
and I said...
"Just can't do it, Im a one team fan"
So AS SOON as we got home, I went and put on my obnoxious Auburn sweatshirt. I've worn it for the past few days.
Its funny what you will do for love.
I stood in the NASTY cold rain for HOURS.
I forfeited watching my tigers on the most holy football day of the year.
I wore the enemy's color.
And I did it all for him.
After the chop comment, I said...
"Next year, we're going to a REAL football game...with shakers and cheers and tailgaiting and ridiculous traffic. Without T-shirts and skanky girls walking around with barely any clothes on. With kids running around, boys in Auburn Jerseys and girls in Auburn Cheerleader outfits on. With the WHOLE town revolving around this ONE DAY! With bars packed full of fans and with everyone sneaking in bourbon to the games in their floppy flasks (seriously, the fsu fans dont even know what this is). With the flying of the eagle for the start of the game. With a big "WAAARRR EAGLE HEY!!!" at each kickoff. With a bunch of "Weegle Weegle War Damn Eagle..."s. With the fight song and a never ending entertainment session from the band."
"And regardless of whether we win or lose, we still say WAR EAGLE at the end of the day, and continue to yell, "Its great to be an auburn tiger!"
He thinks I'm crazy but I don't care.
I never really got that quote that I saw so many times about how you will never understand Auburn, its family and traditions until you experience it for yourself.
I grew up an Auburn fan.
I had one uncle who paid us to say those two dirty words, "R*** T***"
So I've been spoiled.
Until I went on someone else's turf, tryin to expand my fan horizons.
I realized that theres a reason I tell people Auburn is in my blood.
And to top off the day, I leaned over to my sweet FSU "fan"/ soon to be converted to be a real fan of Auburn, and said...
"You realize, Im teaching our kids to be auburn fans. In fact, the first phrase they will learn is War Eagle!"
So, all you Auburn fans, dont hate me.
I cheated...
a little bit.
And came to my senses!!
I will forever be an Auburn Tiger, win or lose.

Monday, December 1, 2008

First of all I am on cloud nine right now...

Because I have a WHOLE WEEK without any work obligations!

Now that does NOT mean that I am bored and have nothing to do. In fact, I have the longest TO DO list ever!!

Moving is never a fun adventure, especially moving to a new state.

So, during my "relaxing" week off, I will be packing my days full of exciting things like getting a new drivers license, setting up utilities, etc.


On top of all this, its unpacking time at Ryan's and his sisters.

So no laziness for me!!