Friday, July 23, 2010

Wrinkle Cream...

This morning I opted to sleep 10 minutes more than usual and then on top of that, open up the computer for a few minutes. Well, I am a creature of habit and my morning routine is just that. Should I ever stray from it, I'm ultimately doomed. I should have known better. Everything was smooth sailing until I'm pulling out of the parking garage {10 minutes behind schedule} and I flip down the visor to block out the glaring sun only to somehow catch a glimpse in the rear view mirror of my bare face. No makeup, only moisturizer. It was horrifying. Luckily, I have somewhat of a tan thanks to all my Saturdays spent at the pool. What's even worse is that I was meeting a friend for lunch that I haven't seen in years. I was mortified, but I knew there wasn't a chance at having time to go back and apply a few items. So au naturale I went.

To add to my horror, I came across this picture of me and my friend, Amanda, last Friday night out...

Raise your hand if its time for some botox and a session on how to pose for the camera. It was one of those moments where we were standing in a bar talking to each other, laughing I'm sure at someone's poor outfit choices, and a random lady pops out of nowhere with a HUGE camera and flash and says, "smile." I was NOT prepared for that. Not one bit. At all. It was scary and the proof is in the picture. question is for all you ladies out there who are terrified of wrinkles, like me, what are your secrets?? What are your go to products?? Clearly I'm in the market from some eye wrinkle cream. Wait, did I just say that?? I'm 26 years old. Help me rhonda.

Happy Friday...

Let's make this short and sweet. Today is Friday and if you're anything like me, you are just ELATED!! The idea of being able to cook, clean, be lazy, socialize, you name it...this just thrills me. So I'm really hoping that today doesn't drag on too long. I do have a GREAT lunch date I'm looking forward to {never be surprised how small this world is...} and then come 5pm, I'll be on 85 South ready to join the neighbors on the courtyard for a few drinks while all the dogs play. And yes, to answer your question, it is a semi-Melrose Place around here {minus the debauchery}. I'm quite fortunate, I know.

I thought I'ld leave you with these fun inspiration boards. I'll probably have one just as big in my mind by the end of the day, full of what all I want to do in this fun city for my two days off.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your Thoughts? ...

First and foremost...a HUGE thank you to Tiffany Clemons, who helped whip my blog layout back into shape. She finally got the layout to look the way I wanted and even created me a new header. So here's to you BOYFRIEND!?!?!

Secondly, just want to mention that I just finished the India section of Eat, Pray, Love {can't wait for the movie!!!} and must admit, it was INTENSE buy quite eye opening. I've had several signs to point me in the direction of moving on with life and after finishing that section of her journey, I have decided that that is exactly what I am going to do. So, I'm holding all you friend to keeping me accountable. When my whining and excuses start, be brutal with me. This life is way too short to not be lived. I was quickly reminded of this today when I saw that one of my friends/neighbors was broken into last night while she was at dinner. It repulses me to think there are nasty people in this world that could do such a thing. So, I immediately called an insurance agent and now have renters insurance.

On that happy note, I've decided I'm overdue for some new furniture. How to fund it is another dilema {suggestions welcomed}. I've pretty much decided I need a new sofa. It will be the absolute first big purchase. Time to trade in the old white ikea starter sofa for something more along the lines of this...

I'm almost 99.998% sure this is the exact one I want {pending on how comfy it is}.
Not that I need a desk, but I had to share this. If you're in Crate and Barrel any time soon, scope out this sucker. I swear it will catch your eye even if you aren't looking for it. We sat there and marveled over if for at least five minutes last weekend.
Ok, let me just wax poetically about how much I LOVE these chairs/HAVE to have one or two. Despite their outragous price tags, these chairs are just insanely gorgeous. The leasing office in my complex has two of these and sometimes I like to go in there just to sit and dream. I wish I were kidding.

And lastly, I've decided I need a grown up bar for my place. Not sure about the actual piece of furniture I will put it on, but I know it will have the same feel as this.
Now, I really want your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, whatever.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Part of the charm of Atlanta is that you can go to one section of the city and find women clad in nothing but designer clothing then go 10 minutes across town and be surrounded by the most extreme of indie/hippie/artsy fashion. Yesterday, my friend and I decided that a few hours at the pool were plenty and packed it up for a mini-adventure. What started out to be a hunt to the industrial warehouses that actually sell scraps {she's going to build me my dream coffee table....AHHHH!!!} turned into a drive all the way through the city ending up in Virginia Highlands at a quaint little Indian restaurant. I'll admit it, I've never had Indian food, but I've always wanted to try it. She played the gracious hostess role and picked everything out and ordered for us and I must say, this well traveled friend knew exactly what she was doing. Insanely delicious is all I can say. We started the meal out under an umbrella at a table on the sidewalk to be able to do some people watching, but the rain just wouldn't allow it. So after we decided that wearing drenched clothing isn't necessarily the best way to savor a meal, we packed it up and went into curry land with Bollywood movies playing.

Anyway, I think our whole mini-adventure really inspired us to go shopping. So we popped in the car and five minutes later, we found ourselves amidst a sea of people in Lennox Mall. I mentioned that I felt like I did when I was 13 and would hang out with friends at the mall on a Saturday. Except this time was a little bit different. We cruised the aisels of Crate and Barrel with jaw drops over several pieces of furniture only to later find ourselves in the china department. Even though I was surrounded by some REALLY big rocks on left hands, I didn't mind because I was actually looking for myself. No registry involved, just a purchase from my account. My dinnerware is old and tattered and quite frankly I'm completely over the style. So, I'm pretty sure I've picked out what I want and who knows, maybe I'll pull a Carrie and actually register for myself simply because I'm not getting married anytime soon. Hey, we single girls deserve nice things too!!

And I'm babbling.

Anyway, we were actually on a hunt for some wardrobe updates for my friend. She asked me several times to play personal shopper for her. "I'll pay you to do it." Ummmmm, ok!!! But it was all in good fun because I've never actually done that as a job. Believe it or not, the pressure is a lot higher than you would think. I mean, this is a job. I don't do jobs half way. In fact, if it isn't completely perfect, the job is not complete. You'ld think that shopping for someone would come fairly easy for someone who could outshop pretty much anyone. However, its a bit more daunting of a task than you think. Shopping for yourself is quite easy. You see something you like, you try it on, you buy it. Simple as that. Not quite so when shopping for someone else. Unless they completely covet your style and want you to buy them exactly what you would buy for yourself, you have to dig a bit deeper. To elaborate, my friend leans more to the Anthropologie/hippie chic side. I, however, am more of a J.Crew kind of girl. So it is going to take some time to figure her out.

One thing we did agree on was the incredible feeling you get when you walk into the new Madewell store. Holy moly, this place is amazing. To share some of the things I literally had to restrain myself from buying...

I know I'm a little late in the game here, but this fall, I will be purchasing the sharp black blazer to incorporate into my wardrobe. I think its one of those staples that just keeps on giving.
Their jewelry has this industrial feel to it, but there are always slight little touches that add a kick of femininity to it for the perfect mix.
This bracelet is just sheer perfection. Simple and can be worn alone or paired with other bracelets.

Loving this outfit concept!! That sweater is the pefect weight for summer time. Even though it gets rather hot here, we spend most of our time inside where its cool. I ALWAYS have a cardigan on hand with me...ALWAYS!!
And since I've been spending quite a lot of time at the pool, I've been hunting for a nice hat. Pretty sure this one would do the trick!

Just a little side note about Madewell. They have the most INCREDIBLE collection of T-shirt type basics. This picture does the shirt no justice at all.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

White Tile...

I had a very "friendly" request from the old buddy Caldwell. She is in the process of re-doing her bathroom and the look they're going for is white subway tile and white marble countertops. Her two tasks at hand for decisions are as follows: what to do with the floor and wha to do with the walls.

As much as I think it would be insanely TDF to have a bathroom of wall to wall subway tile, I also recommended she stay on the practical side with cost cutting. In my opinion, a home should be something you love. It should reflect your personal style regardless of the amount of time you plan on living there. Whether you never can imagine leaving the house you live in or you know that you have 5 years before an upgrade is necessary, I think it is extremely important to personalize your living space. However, if you're in the 5 years or less category like my friend Sara, I don't necessarily recommend sinking boo koodles of money into renovations.

So, I told her that if it were me, I'ld opt for subway tile in the shower, a hexagon tile on the floors and the white marble countertop. Drywall will be just fine if painted the perfect color of muted grey in my opinion. Since that wasn't life changing or anything spectacular, I figured I could gather up several white bathroom pictures as inspiration.

Mrs. Whatley {Caldwell}, enjoy!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Secret...

I've been sworn to absolute secrecy about the source. But hopefully in a few weeks I can share {Megan just say the word!!!} this amazing heaven on the world wide webs {hines??}.


Can someone buy one of these for me??

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If these walls could talk...

One of my dear friends is an artist at heart. Literally. The girl went to college in Italy to become an art conservationist {is that the correct terminology??}. Best part is, she's by far the most down to earth person you'll ever meet. Not pretentious. Not the typical "I'm a artist so I'm intellectually on a different level than you." Just a simple, fun, crazy but sweet girl.

The other day, I asked her how much time she spends painting. And by that, I meant in a creative way, not in a "restore the Mona Lisa" kind of way. Apparantly, she has semi-abandoned her creative outlet because it became somewhat of a chore and less of a joy. However, she promised, she can re-create ANYTHING!

Well if you know me, you know exactly how the wheels in my head started turning. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for art. But let's be honest doesn't come cheap. And right now, there is just no room in the budget for a $5000 painting. Believe me, if I could, I would. I'm a firm believer in buying investment items. The gifts that keep on giving, if you get my drift. But just like you won't see designer bags hanging in my closet {yet}, you won't see expensive art hanging on my walls.

So when she told me this, I just about flipped. Especially the part where she offered to recreate any painting of my choosing. Oh holy moly, where do I even begin?? Visions of abstract paintings literally started flying through my head. At this point I'm imagining a HUGE paiting to go over the wall behind my sofa. Probably one so big, I'll have to have the canvas custome made. And I'm seeing something very simplistic but one that will make a statement.

Literally something like this, just a different color pallette...

And then I got to thinking about the rest of the condo. Not one picture has been hung {sorry Hines, the banschee original will be the ABSOLUTE FIRST to be hung as soon as I buy some nails}. These walls are bare. Literally.

Through the years, I've collected framses and art of all sorts, but just like my decorating style, there is no uniform thread that runs through. Just a bunch of things that I like. Items that caught my eye at some point and were added to the collection. So with all these things, I now have the challenge of placing them somewhere.

I've always been intrigued by the idea of random photo collage wall, if you will. Actually, my grandmother had one in her living room, although it literally was that...random photo collage. No order or design to it. Just each time she was given a framed family picture of framed 2nd grade shot, it went up on the wall where there was room. It was chaotic and overwhelming, but it was hers. I'll always think of her when I see this design idea in magazines.

So, I want to start a wall. I'm not sure where yet, but I know its somethign I will love.

What are your thoughts?? I'ld love to hear from you!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Help. Me. Rhonda. ...

After a bland heated up meal of chicken and rice for lunch {budget and healthy...a guarantee for disaster but a promise at a slimmer waistline}, I decided to take a break from the cubicle and drove over to Books a Million. Its always been a silly thing I do. Whenver I'm on the hunt for free entertainment, I plop down in those big comfy chairs with my arms piled high with magazines. Yep. I'm that girl. I can literally stay for at least 2 hours. And now I've just solidified the fact that I'm a complete loser.

Well today, I only had time to fly through a tattered US Weekly {I'm guessing someone else knows this secret freebie} and barely skim this month's copy of House Beautiful. To be honest, I went on Friday, knowing that it has to be that issue time!! Well, after a conversation with a very un-informed sales associate, I sadly realized I was a little ahead of the game.

But today, however, I was right on time. I literally spent 30 seconds looking through it because I was on the phone with a friend. So tomorrow, I know EXACTLY what I'm doing over lunch. Going back to read the magazine cover to cover and stare at these beauties...