Sunday, January 30, 2011

it fits perfectly...

Not sure if you remember what I listed as one of my goals for 2011, but I've officially gone nutso and have committed myself to completing a triathlon THIS YEAR. After 2.5 years of listening to Ryan's friends and family go on and on and on about their hobby/obsession, I've decided to see what the hype is all about.

Now, I've NEVER had an athletic bone in my body. In fact, I signed up for softball only because I wanted to practice throwing/catching the ball with my dad in the backyard like he did with my brother over and over again. Turned out I was not cut out for a future in sliding shorts. I much preferred making flower necklaces in the outfield.

So, I've just never though I would be the racing type. Until the Nelson clan came into my life. I bucked it for quite some time, but secretly wished I had the stamina to at least complete a race. And after a lot of doubting myself, I decided to go for it.

No worries though, my first race isn't until October. So you are probably thinking, then why are you preparing so early?? Ummm to answer your question quickly: because I have ZERO skills at any of the three sports involved. NONE. And I really hope to not embarrass myself with my finishing time.

So, to jumpstart the training, Ryan enlisted one of my co-workers who used to be a swim coach. She so graciously agreed to coach me in at least the swim portion. Some of you may be thinking, how hard can it be to swim? And that is exactly what I thought. Well, my friends, its not easy. In fact, yesterday after my first session, I called Ryan very angrily and said "I hate you and I want to die." Of course, he laughed because he knew exactly the way I felt. I felt like my legs were jello and like I was going to blow chunks at any moment. Neat.

Want to know what is even cooler?

This hot swimsuit...
Never did I think I would drop $60 on a ONE PIECE. Not to mention how DISGUSTING it looks on. Mauri (my coach) helped me pick it out because I clearly had NO CLUE what to get. She warned me that it would be close to impossible to get on because they are meant to fit VERY tightly. When I asked her if it was normal to feel like my circulation was being cut off, she said, "it fits perfectly!" Neat.

And to top of this insanely attractive get up, these guys made an appearance...

So I completely lost all respect for myself when I saw my reflection in the mirror. Enter the second guessing. But I wasn't going to give up without at least giving it a try. So after about 3 laps, I wanted to literally DIE. Gasping for air doesn't even begin to describe the flopping whale scene I made in the pool. Here I am beyond humiliated that my co-worker had to see me looking like the biggest tool alive, now she sees that she will need to actually charge Ryan for her services. I may be over exaggerating a tad. 2 hours later, I actually felt like I wasn't about to drown.

So clearly, I have TONS of work to do. And what scares me even more is that this is only 1/3 of the training I have to do. I'm not worried. I have months to get there. And I will tell you this, I am actually able to move today. That will probably change, however, once I finish my training session with my trainer Therman aka Thermometer.

So, yes. I've officially lost my mind. Any laughs, encouragement, "you're crazy," etc. is greatly appreciated!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

One glance...

For about 3 years now, I've been painfully growing out my hair. I've had to exercise EVERY SINGLE ounce of self control all this time to not allow more than a trim to hit the ends of these locks. I've been tempted numerous times when I see a precious haircut that would cut my drying/styling time in half. And as time drags on, I get more and more disgusted at how QUICKLY I go through conditioner {and considering the fact that I only use it 2 or 3 times a week, its even scarier}. And I have exhausted all the styling tricks that cut down on my time spent in the bathroom in the morning. And if that wasn't enough temptation to chop, my stylist now charges me an extra fee for the length. Neat.

But all it takes is one glance at a do like Emily's from Cupcakes and Cashmere...

And all my whining and temptations hit the road. Hi my name is Rachel and I'm a long flowing hair -aholic. I can't say no to it. So no new "it 'do" will change my mind. I've got probably an inch to go until my hair reaches my ultimate goal and will stay at that length. And no, I will not be cutting it to donate {sorry I'm philanthropic, but not with my hair}. And no, I'm not doing this because I may get married sometime in the somewhat near future {I hear/see that WAY too much and too many times these girls look so ridiculous they should sue}. I'm doing it because I can and I love it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Navi Cure...

This past weekend, my company had its 10th Anniversary Celebration party. It was no expense spared and a FABULOUS night out. Not going to lie, this one ranks up in my list of top 10 fun nights. I said it.

It comes as no surprise that all my co-workers adored Ryan. I am still hearing stories about how fun he was.
The Band {Yacht Rock} was incredible! And their costumes were even better!!
I had too much fun hanging out with my partners in crime from the office.
AND I won a chance in the Money Chamber. Looks a lot easier than it is. Imagine the most horrible seizure inducing conditions {wind blowing everywhere, strobe light, glasses that might as well be drunk goggles and the loudest noise you've ever heard} and you will see how I only won $35. And I have reports that Ryan was cheering for me a little too loudly.
It was soo much fun to get all dressed up with coworkers and stay up til 4am laughing. I say we make it an annual thing.

THE 500th...

I've never really felt pressure to really THINK through a blog post before posting it. But this one is different. I mean, its the 500th post, which I think says a lot. So I decided to really do this right and start from the beginning to do a fun recap of all the silly things I've shared.

When I started this blog, I had NO idea what I was doing nor the direction I wanted this blog to take {"WELL...sorry to disappoint, but I have no precious children to post pictures and stories about. I do, however have an extremely random life and 2 adorable dogs to show off...hmmm....this is guaranteed to be interesting!" AND "This is a learning experience for me. You know when God is trying to tell you something, almost to the point of putting a big flashing light in front of you? I see flashing lights everywhere!! I am so bad about trying to do things on my own and this is a hard time for me. I can't control or predict my future and its really getting to me. OK have my attention!"}

So I started off in the heat of my job search for my first job out of college. I mean WHOA how things have changed since then! I went through the ringer looking for a good job as much soon to be graduates do. I went on interview after interview and even flew for one. But it wasn't meant to be {thank goodness}. I was disappointed, but oh how I'm glad that didn't pan out:).

I started to figure out how to post pictures {thinking I had an audience, which I did NOT} and posted my votes for a graduation gift.

And then I GRADUATED!! Never imagined that would actually happen and I still have dreams that it never happened.

Let's see...two weddings in two months and a new job, so June 2008 was rather eventful to say the least.

And then I somehow discovered that NOBODY is interested in a play by play of my boring life. So I came up with the idea of a post on my favorite things.

And that was fun. What was even more fun was posting some FABULOUS closets

I got disheartened with the work world:
" I'm learning lessons in real world issues right now. Work has been the most amazing teacher I've ever had! I've laughed, I've cried, I've gained confidence in myself, I've lost that confidence and wondered what in the world am I doing with my life, I've made friends, I've lost friends. I've learned what I really want in life, whats important and what is not. I've put to action everything I've been raised with. I've been asked to do things I know are wrong. I've been asked to do things I know aren't wrong, but don't want to do."
And whoooa that sounds familiar later on down the road!

And then I made the roadtrip that would change my life forever. More on that to come :)

And then I fell head over heals in love with J.Crew again.

And then I knew I was in love when I dropped WAY too much money on a plane ticket for my new boyfriend to join us on the family vacay to Aruba. That and somehow agreeing to do some home renovations on his house just to see him.

And then I experienced my first triathlon {spectator only}. Annnnnd that was interesting!

Went to 6 flags with my 2 favorite people in the world.

Tried to use pennies in a coke machine. That was by far my most shining moments.

Got a new job to move to Florida to be with this cute boy I was head over heals for!

Was not impressed at the Florida vs. Florida State game.

Watched Ryan and Madison's love affair begin. And its such a sweet relationship. Makes me smile EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I see him surprise her when he comes in town.

Had Christmas with the family.

Started decorating my new place. It was hideous, I get it now!

Listed a lot of things you may not know about me

Took a weekend trip to Destin.

Had my first Florida War Eagle Moment

My friend Sara became a Caldwell

Went to Aruba
Got suckered into the Florida way of dressing

Became obsessed with The Pioneer Woman
Worked my hiney off. Wait that sums up 2009-mid 2010 just in general.

Realized I REALLY like finding decorating/interior design blogs

Got suckered in to Polyvore

Stumbled across Cupcakes and Cashmere {my FAV blog!!} and decided to grow out my hair!

Welcomed Hudson to the crew

Had a doggie play date with cousin Wyatt

Took my absolute FAVORITE picture ever!!

Spent the Fourth of July at the Lake and mom fell in love with little man

Started picking up the pieces by going to the beach...A LOT

Fall came and went

Acted silly at work and actually predicted the future for THE team in orange!!

Fell in Love with Charleston

Played Martha for Christmas...

Madison found the MOST obnoxious dog toy in the world which she bolts to the minute she gets in my parents' house.

Started salivating over the Belgian Brickmaker's Table

Waxed poetically about my Friend Tiffany Clemons
Was accused of owning Stripper Shoes

Interviewed my BFF Lisa

Changed the look with new lamps

Had some houseguests

Megan's post was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES

Started deciding my life was boring and needed some sparkle

Sara got the CUTEST dog ever!!

Surprised mom with a photo shoot of her kiddos

Moved to my DREAM city!!

Celebrated 4th of July in Atlanta with Ryan {and several of you started to get suspicious :)}

Fell in Love with this little man...

Found the Will to my Grace...

Started the monthly flight schedule to visit THE most handsome man in the world!

Finally broke the silence and shared that this one is all mine :)

Got new living room furniture

Fell in love with Auburn all over again

Christmas was wonderful

It snowed and I became a hostage of my apartment because of it for days.

And then here I am. For the ZERO people STILL reading this: bless you child!But really, in all honesty, I can't believe how much life has changed since the beginning three years ago. I just hope the next three I can look back and have the same reaction: WHOA.