Friday, February 8, 2013


I'm back but only for just a moment.

There's something fun going on over at Pink Flamingo Style...

One of these items could be yours.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Reminder...

Just a reminder...

If you haven't added the new blog to your routine, go ahead and do it today!!

I'm over at Pink Flamingo Style now.

Daily posts every day of the week.

Hopefully posts that bring a smile or two here and there.

Just a preview of things I'm talking about today.

So come visit me at my new home.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

BIG NEWS-okay not really big, but I find it exciting!

I have some news:

I am not engaged or with child.

I have JUST started a new blog-2 whole posts !!

Hopefully one you will begin to follow.

The goal is to bring you a real snapshot of what I care about with my true voice. No displays of perfection-simply a witty (that's the goal at least) take on the things I like.

Please join me at my new home and spread the word if you like the new blog:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

oh no

Uh oh. I've been a really bad blogger haven't I? My only excuse is that I've been operating only using an ipad at home and I haven't the slightest clue how to save/upload pictures using it. Not a really good excuse as I'm sure theres a quick and easy solution for that. I just havent had the desire to find it. So I'll start off by asking you for any suggestions there.

Life is good here. I've crossed off everything from my list of goals for 2011 with the exception of completing a triathlon. Not because I was lazy and didn't prepare for it, but moreso because I havent made the $1100 investment for a new bike. And also that life got in the way every time I tried to sign up for a race. HOWEVER, there is always 2012. At this point, I'm more interested in doing solely the bike races. I've found that there is something quite magical about sitting on that seat, clipping in my shoes and just pedal to the medal. Immediately all the things I've been worrying about, they all just disappear. After an hour, I've gone through 2 insulated bottles of water and find myself drenched in sweat. But I don't care. Its an amazing feeling to say the least.

Must run to work soon, but to wrap up a few of the goals I've crossed off the list:
-Climbing the corporate ladder-got a promotion to join the big boys now!! And quite excited to say the least!!
-made major progress with my finances... always a work in progress though.
-took one heck of a vacation- just got home from vegas 2 days ago and still trying to adjust to Eastern Time Zone and responsibility.
-invested quite a bit more of myself in my frienships and have developed some pretty amazing relationships in the process

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SHE's BACK.....

Raise your little paws if you missed me! Oh I won't flatter myself {too much}, I think I might see a hand or two, maybe. I'm currently chowing down on a nice snack of Terra Chips because I have forgotten how to live like a normal person and eat normal food. I found myself on a nutrient supplement website yesterday researching which Whey Protein Powder to buy. Go on...I laughed too! I also found myself updating this week's meal and workout plan which included things like 3 workouts in one day {WHAT!?!?!...ahmmmm may have only gotten 2 of those:) and 2 protein bars a day {don't even think about bringing me anything with less than 14 g protein, I'm big ballin now! There is no sweet tea in this regimen nor is there any processed food. And the worst part is: I LIKE it! Like A LOT! Never did I think I would spend $15/week on Protein bars alone. NEVER. And I obviously never thought I would get excited to leave work only to go get on a bike and sweat out every drop of water in my body. But life suprises you.

To catch everyone up from my twelve year hiatus, I finally have a life. It may not be one that many would choose, but I quite enjoy it. A basic rundown: work, spin and workout, cooking healthy meals with my roomate {I said it and I love it...more on that soon}, networking, and just soaking up all Atlanta has to offer. Why it took me so long to get here, I have NO idea! So yes, I moved into my good friend's townhome with her. Guys, living alone in Atlanta will break the bank. I made it work, but was aching to be more financially responsible and have a bit more to spend on the fun things like multiple visits to Whole Foods in one week {their pizza is to die for and dont even start me on the banana pudding gelato} and quarterly girls trips to the place of our choice.

Life is really really good. Definitely not as I had planned, but I'm soaking up all the blessings along the way. In case you were wondering, I'm back out on the market {not that anyone cares, but who am I kidding, my hometown could probably use a conversation starter and heres the perfect way: "that alien Rachel is single AGAIN, is she ever going to settle down!??!?"}. I'm doing just fine and using this time to really spend time with the man upstairs! He continues to bless me for whatever reason and even though there are times that its really hard, I really enjoy the ride!

Hope all of you are doing well. Visitors are always just need to appreciate really good food and like to stay busy!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Without a shadow of a doubt...

So its been over two months since I have even signed into blogger. I know, I'm a bad blogger. I could list LOTS of reasons why I haven't been diligent about keeping up with this thing {i.e. lack of computer, lack of desire due to being on the computer all day every day for work, lack of time, blah blah blah}, but it doesn't excuse me. So I do apologize as much as I can!

The truth is that I have been preoccupied with this little thing called everyday life. Funny how that can get in the way sometimes. Amongst an odd work schedule and a daily workout routine on top of trying to maintain a semi-decent social life, there haven't been enough minutes in the day to squeeze in some blogging time.

So to do a very brief montage of the past few months, here we go. Lots of work {but who doesn't these days?}, every night at the gym and pretending like I'm back in college again with some really awesome new girlfriends. A few visits with my Mr. Handsome and my family. A new doggie nephew, Colby, who is hands down THE CUTEST cocker spaniel/lab mix you will EVER see. A new found love for this thing called Spin and a new obsession with any type of anti-aging product as well as Axiom Gel Nail polish that give THE most gorgeous manicure you could ever hope for. And there you have it folks.

No, that isn't all I've been up to but I feel rather confident in that those are somewhat the highlights.

This weekend I was reminded that life is short and to be lived to the fullest. I stood by my mother's side as she kissed her mother goodbye for the very last time. And while I wasn't as close to this grandmother as one should be, I had one of those moments where I realized that there isn't room for silly things that bog us down and hinder relationships. As we looked at Grandmother for the last time, I saw the wooden cross Mom had put between her hands and I just couldn't stop the tears. They came completely unexpected but not for obvious reasons. They weren't tears of sadness because we lost Grandmother years ago to dementia, but they were more of tears that I knew that one day I would be doing the same thing except it would be my mom lying peacefully that I would say goodbye to. I will never forget that moment. It was just the three of us in there. Three generations of strong women who refuse to settle for anything less than everything they've wanted. Three women who love people and live life to the fullest. And it really wasn't until that moment when the room was silent and everyone else had left that I have such an important legacy to fulfill.

The tears started rolling and I pulled my mom close for a hug because I know it has to be hard to say her final goodbyes. And because I know that regardless of all the petty mother/daughter silliness that occurred throughout the years as all mothers and daughters have, it was all null and void in that moment. That moment where I wondered what she was thinking about. That moment where I knew she had to have happy memories flooding through her mind. And that moment where I knew without a shadow of a doubt she was at peace because she knew without a shadow of doubt that her mother was vibrant again and in the presence of our most Holy Lord.

She said, "Goodbye mother, I'll see you soon." I fixed Grandmother's dress one last time and admired her big flashy jewelry and pink lipstick that she was so famous for wearing. I hugged my mom tight and said "Im so sorry mom." And then we walked out and closed the door. I wouldn't trade anything for that moment. It was undescribeably beautiful. We walked as a family and sat on the front row listening to the eulogy and then my mom stood up with notecards in her hands and with the most calm composure spoke the sweetest words of her mother. Words that aren't normally shared. And I know without a shadow of a doubt that my fiesty little grandmother had to be watching {with a glass of ice water in one hand and 500 dogs at her feet} and smiling at how proud she was of my mom.

Easter wasn't easy this year. But I just can't help but think that this was God's little nudge to remind me how blessed I am. Blessed to know that one day when I have to repeat history and fluff my mom's dress and kiss her goodbye one last time, I will have that same exact peace. I'll know without a shadow of a doubt that she'll be the ring leader of my welcoming committee when my time comes. She'll watch me {with a coke in one hand and 500 dogs at her feet and 2 in her lap} speak kind words about her. And she'll be proud of me. Isn't that what matters the most? To know that one day all the pain and sorrow you've endured will all be null and void when you walk upon the streets of gold? One day all the "why me"s and "I don't understand"s will disappear. They won't matter. Because you'll have left a legacy for others to fulfill. And all because of Christ's selfless love. His agony he endured so that ours will only be temporary and will disappear for eternity one happy day.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey sweet blogger friends. Miss me yet?

Between working 8:30 am to 7:30 pm (no lunch break) and a daily hour swim, I've had just enough energy to shower, brush my teeth and put on pjs to literally pass out 2 seconds later. I only wish that was an exageration.

I've definately received some interesting feedback about my conquest I've made for myself. Several, "you are crazy"s, several "I wish I had the disciple to do that" and a few "that is awesome, keep me posted."

The point is, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back {not that I could because I live in a constant state of muscle soreness and movement out of the ordinary is simply not an option}, but it is awesome.

Awesome because I am THE least athletic person you'll ever meet and that is the honest truth.

So to set out to complete a triathlon in October is more than just a stretch for me. Its a lifestyle change.

I've enlisted help. I have a trainer I work out with twice a week who is probably 90 pounds wet and my co-worker who is my swim coach who works out with me twice a week in the pool. The other three days, I'm on my own as far as pushing myself. Surprisingly, the pushing is extremely addictive.

I'm operating on the law of contrary behavior. When I feel like skipping the gym for the night, I leave work sitting on my desk and bolt to the car. When I feel like cutting the laps short because my legs are burning so hard I feel like they're about to fall off, I kick harder. When I want to just leisurely swim because its almost impossible to pull myself up for air every three strokes, I make myself sprint to the finish.

Yes, its pure insanity. But tell me if you've ever accomplished any goal by sheer mediocrity. I would bet all $20 I have in my spending budget for the weekend that the answer to that is no. Friends, the insanity is my trainer. At one point, it was the satisfaction of conquering my fear. Then it was the anticipation of the feeling I would have when I surprised the whole FL tri group {aka ALL of Ryan's family} that not only did his anti-exercise girlfriend complete a triathlon, but she also did it in good time somewhat with ease. And trust me, I STILL look forward to those reactions.

But now, the motivator is insanity. Its the feeling I get when I pop out of the pool and can barely walk because I have literally exhausted my muscles. Its the feeling I get when I discover that 6 laps of swimming with legs only {feeling like a complete moron because I'm using a kickboard and we all remember those to be saved for the losers who couldn't swim back in swimming lessons '89}, those 6 laps are actually doable now when two weeks ago I literally was choking halfway down the pool.

That insanity has pushed me to race with the veterans swimming in the lane next to me {not to their knowledge of course}. It has literally poured through my veins to the point of making me literally crave the water. If I take a day off to recover {because once or twice a week is needed believe it or not}, I actually miss that initial cold water shock. I miss that feeling of pushing through the pain. I miss that feeling of being completely aware of my limits. Knowing that my legs are getting stronger and stronger by the day. Knowing that with each lap, I'm getting that much closer to my goal. I live for that feeling.

The perks, you ask? a baby. Also,two weeks in, I'm down 6 pounds {not sure how much muscle weight I've gained, I'll find out in a few weeks for my monthly BMI check in...always depressing to see what your %body fat is}. Also, I have literally started to catch glimpses of some muscles forming in my arms. The gun show is in training. My jeans are fitting looser and I know for a fact that I've lost a size in my hips already. BINGO

The downfalls? {I'm going to try to keep this short} Chlorine is HORRIBLE for your skin. If you thought I was obsessed with Vaseline before, you have NO idea how neurotic I am now. I bathe in it. As soon as I get rinsed off, I lather up with lotion, put on some fat pants, tshirt, uggs and a fleece and I'm out the door. The SECOND I get in the car, my face is immediately drenched in vaseline. We're talking SHINY greasy kid drenched. In fact I went somewhere after the pool the other day and forgot I was glistening from the 'line and you can't even imagine the looks I got. Another knock: laundry...I do about 4 times as much now. Soggy damp towels must be washed that night before mildew sets in.

You bored yet?

I promise I'll find something else a bit more interesting for you next time.