Tuesday, December 6, 2011

oh no

Uh oh. I've been a really bad blogger haven't I? My only excuse is that I've been operating only using an ipad at home and I haven't the slightest clue how to save/upload pictures using it. Not a really good excuse as I'm sure theres a quick and easy solution for that. I just havent had the desire to find it. So I'll start off by asking you for any suggestions there.

Life is good here. I've crossed off everything from my list of goals for 2011 with the exception of completing a triathlon. Not because I was lazy and didn't prepare for it, but moreso because I havent made the $1100 investment for a new bike. And also that life got in the way every time I tried to sign up for a race. HOWEVER, there is always 2012. At this point, I'm more interested in doing solely the bike races. I've found that there is something quite magical about sitting on that seat, clipping in my shoes and just pedal to the medal. Immediately all the things I've been worrying about, they all just disappear. After an hour, I've gone through 2 insulated bottles of water and find myself drenched in sweat. But I don't care. Its an amazing feeling to say the least.

Must run to work soon, but to wrap up a few of the goals I've crossed off the list:
-Climbing the corporate ladder-got a promotion to join the big boys now!! And quite excited to say the least!!
-made major progress with my finances... always a work in progress though.
-took one heck of a vacation- just got home from vegas 2 days ago and still trying to adjust to Eastern Time Zone and responsibility.
-invested quite a bit more of myself in my frienships and have developed some pretty amazing relationships in the process

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Nina said...

happy holidays!!