Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SHE's BACK.....

Raise your little paws if you missed me! Oh I won't flatter myself {too much}, I think I might see a hand or two, maybe. I'm currently chowing down on a nice snack of Terra Chips because I have forgotten how to live like a normal person and eat normal food. I found myself on a nutrient supplement website yesterday researching which Whey Protein Powder to buy. Go on...I laughed too! I also found myself updating this week's meal and workout plan which included things like 3 workouts in one day {WHAT!?!?!...ahmmmm may have only gotten 2 of those:) and 2 protein bars a day {don't even think about bringing me anything with less than 14 g protein, I'm big ballin now! There is no sweet tea in this regimen nor is there any processed food. And the worst part is: I LIKE it! Like A LOT! Never did I think I would spend $15/week on Protein bars alone. NEVER. And I obviously never thought I would get excited to leave work only to go get on a bike and sweat out every drop of water in my body. But life suprises you.

To catch everyone up from my twelve year hiatus, I finally have a life. It may not be one that many would choose, but I quite enjoy it. A basic rundown: work, spin and workout, cooking healthy meals with my roomate {I said it and I love it...more on that soon}, networking, and just soaking up all Atlanta has to offer. Why it took me so long to get here, I have NO idea! So yes, I moved into my good friend's townhome with her. Guys, living alone in Atlanta will break the bank. I made it work, but was aching to be more financially responsible and have a bit more to spend on the fun things like multiple visits to Whole Foods in one week {their pizza is to die for and dont even start me on the banana pudding gelato} and quarterly girls trips to the place of our choice.

Life is really really good. Definitely not as I had planned, but I'm soaking up all the blessings along the way. In case you were wondering, I'm back out on the market {not that anyone cares, but who am I kidding, my hometown could probably use a conversation starter and heres the perfect way: "that alien Rachel is single AGAIN, is she ever going to settle down!??!?"}. I'm doing just fine and using this time to really spend time with the man upstairs! He continues to bless me for whatever reason and even though there are times that its really hard, I really enjoy the ride!

Hope all of you are doing well. Visitors are always welcome...you just need to appreciate really good food and like to stay busy!!!


The Cobbs said...

I've missed you! SO glad you're doing well! :) BIG hugs your way!!

injection port liners said...

Im glad your doing well. Welcome back to the page.