Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey sweet blogger friends. Miss me yet?

Between working 8:30 am to 7:30 pm (no lunch break) and a daily hour swim, I've had just enough energy to shower, brush my teeth and put on pjs to literally pass out 2 seconds later. I only wish that was an exageration.

I've definately received some interesting feedback about my conquest I've made for myself. Several, "you are crazy"s, several "I wish I had the disciple to do that" and a few "that is awesome, keep me posted."

The point is, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back {not that I could because I live in a constant state of muscle soreness and movement out of the ordinary is simply not an option}, but it is awesome.

Awesome because I am THE least athletic person you'll ever meet and that is the honest truth.

So to set out to complete a triathlon in October is more than just a stretch for me. Its a lifestyle change.

I've enlisted help. I have a trainer I work out with twice a week who is probably 90 pounds wet and my co-worker who is my swim coach who works out with me twice a week in the pool. The other three days, I'm on my own as far as pushing myself. Surprisingly, the pushing is extremely addictive.

I'm operating on the law of contrary behavior. When I feel like skipping the gym for the night, I leave work sitting on my desk and bolt to the car. When I feel like cutting the laps short because my legs are burning so hard I feel like they're about to fall off, I kick harder. When I want to just leisurely swim because its almost impossible to pull myself up for air every three strokes, I make myself sprint to the finish.

Yes, its pure insanity. But tell me if you've ever accomplished any goal by sheer mediocrity. I would bet all $20 I have in my spending budget for the weekend that the answer to that is no. Friends, the insanity is my trainer. At one point, it was the satisfaction of conquering my fear. Then it was the anticipation of the feeling I would have when I surprised the whole FL tri group {aka ALL of Ryan's family} that not only did his anti-exercise girlfriend complete a triathlon, but she also did it in good time somewhat with ease. And trust me, I STILL look forward to those reactions.

But now, the motivator is insanity. Its the feeling I get when I pop out of the pool and can barely walk because I have literally exhausted my muscles. Its the feeling I get when I discover that 6 laps of swimming with legs only {feeling like a complete moron because I'm using a kickboard and we all remember those to be saved for the losers who couldn't swim back in swimming lessons '89}, those 6 laps are actually doable now when two weeks ago I literally was choking halfway down the pool.

That insanity has pushed me to race with the veterans swimming in the lane next to me {not to their knowledge of course}. It has literally poured through my veins to the point of making me literally crave the water. If I take a day off to recover {because once or twice a week is needed believe it or not}, I actually miss that initial cold water shock. I miss that feeling of pushing through the pain. I miss that feeling of being completely aware of my limits. Knowing that my legs are getting stronger and stronger by the day. Knowing that with each lap, I'm getting that much closer to my goal. I live for that feeling.

The perks, you ask? a baby. Also,two weeks in, I'm down 6 pounds {not sure how much muscle weight I've gained, I'll find out in a few weeks for my monthly BMI check in...always depressing to see what your %body fat is}. Also, I have literally started to catch glimpses of some muscles forming in my arms. The gun show is in training. My jeans are fitting looser and I know for a fact that I've lost a size in my hips already. BINGO

The downfalls? {I'm going to try to keep this short} Chlorine is HORRIBLE for your skin. If you thought I was obsessed with Vaseline before, you have NO idea how neurotic I am now. I bathe in it. As soon as I get rinsed off, I lather up with lotion, put on some fat pants, tshirt, uggs and a fleece and I'm out the door. The SECOND I get in the car, my face is immediately drenched in vaseline. We're talking SHINY greasy kid drenched. In fact I went somewhere after the pool the other day and forgot I was glistening from the 'line and you can't even imagine the looks I got. Another knock: laundry...I do about 4 times as much now. Soggy damp towels must be washed that night before mildew sets in.

You bored yet?

I promise I'll find something else a bit more interesting for you next time.

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