Monday, January 24, 2011

The Navi Cure...

This past weekend, my company had its 10th Anniversary Celebration party. It was no expense spared and a FABULOUS night out. Not going to lie, this one ranks up in my list of top 10 fun nights. I said it.

It comes as no surprise that all my co-workers adored Ryan. I am still hearing stories about how fun he was.
The Band {Yacht Rock} was incredible! And their costumes were even better!!
I had too much fun hanging out with my partners in crime from the office.
AND I won a chance in the Money Chamber. Looks a lot easier than it is. Imagine the most horrible seizure inducing conditions {wind blowing everywhere, strobe light, glasses that might as well be drunk goggles and the loudest noise you've ever heard} and you will see how I only won $35. And I have reports that Ryan was cheering for me a little too loudly.
It was soo much fun to get all dressed up with coworkers and stay up til 4am laughing. I say we make it an annual thing.

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