Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. UPS delivery man and I have become close friends this week. Our house frequently receives packages and our mailbox is always PACKED with catalogs. But this week, Mr. UPS has been so gracious to deliver 2 blackberries to me!

Yes, I'm now on number three. Annoyed? I'mbeyond that point. I'm at the point of just praying that the third time is the charm.

I have a routine everyday where I check blogs every nigth around 8. One is the blog of a mother of SIX children. She is BEAUTIFUL and so are her children. She's Extremely talented with taking natural shots of her kids. I check this blog on a daily basis, and after months of seeing her pictures, I really want to learn how to do this myself.

A few months ago, I randomly discovered that my dad has an AMAZING camera with all types of lenses. So, hopefully I can convice him to let me borrow the camera to start learning.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I just realized that its been almost a month since I last posted. A devout blog reader, I should do better, but honestly, I enjoy reading blogs more than actually writing.

Well, A LOT has happened in a month!!!

Work is going very well. I'm out on my own everyday and LOVE LOVE LOVE the freedom my job allows. I've met some extremely interesting people along the way. I've encountered some wierd things and learned how many people are running businesses without the slightest clue of how to be successful. (Its 2008, email is a requirement in my opinion but apparantly that viewpoint isn't everyone's believe it or not). This job is allowing me amazing hands on experience that could never be taught in a classroom. I've always said that I will function better in the real world, compared to my "career" in school. And though I've been working for only 2 months, I already believe this 100%!!

Let's see...other news....
-my brother got married last weekend ending a very long wedding season
-We're keeping their dog Coosa (who is the sweetest chocolate lab who has NO idea shes as big as she is....shes acting like she's 10 lbs like my little ones)
-Im on blackberry number 3 right now...LIVID with T Mobile at the moment :(
-I've accepted a teaching opportunity for Spanish ... should be a challenge to balance that at night with work during the day