Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I admit it, I have a slight obsession with Gossip Girl. In fact, every Monday in my planner has two stars by "Gossip Girl 7pm." Its a sick obsession, to the point where I have spent countless hours blog stalking reading the latest scoop on the show and its characters. And today, I came across a GOLDMINE for all the information I've secretly been hoping I could find. Info about the off screen romances, rivalries, etc. I LOVED every minute spent reading this and I was sad when it was over. Because, for 20 min (yes its that long), i felt like I was a part of that magical world. Where my closet was filled with designer wear for my size two body. Where my room was perfectly decorated and my friends were eloquent and social tops. I don't REALLY want this life, ok maybe a little bit, but it is fun to watch how others live. And I thought it was all fiction, but apparantly not. Read and enjoy!

In other news, a little more realistic. I am in the heat of finals right now. Studying, stressing and taking shopping breaks. Some people exercise, some eat....I shop when Im stressed which is TERRIBLE considering my first paycheck will go straight to my finals' stress purchases. Whatever, I deserve least some of them.

I'll be FINISHED with school FOREVER next monday and I couldn't be happier. I start work on May 12 and Im really excited.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The BEST weekend ....

Ok I know this is the most unflattering picture of either of but it cracks me up EVERY time I see it. Neeless to say, it was the end of the big night out.
I have a new favorite person and this is her!!
Abby was quite the celebrity with the bachelor party. Don't worry David, it was the engaged singles allowed!!
Since I haven't posted in over a week, I figured I would put up a few random shots from our FABULOUS bachelorette weekend in Destin, FL. I can honestly say I haven't had that much fun in a really long time. Five of us stayed in one small hotel room. Imagine 5 girls' stuff plus an air mattress...yes a little cramped but I never even noticed it. We got in two incredibly fun nights out (all very innocent for the boyfriends :) ), a day full of shopping (which i painfully dragged through suffering from sleep deprivation), a nice meal at the Red Bar, a BEAUTIFUL afternoon to lay out, and a million laughs!!
On the next few weeks' agenda: (actually days)
-finish last few days of class which includes a TON of projects, papers, etc.
-lingerie shower
-mary kate's birthday dinner (a mini b-rette reunion and I cannot wait!!!)
-start my JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, you read correctly. I have a Job! In May, I will begin working for the Montgomery Advertiser as an Advertising Account Executive. Its an amazing opportunity and I'm looking forward to staying busy with work and not school!!! BRING ON the paychecks!!
My new obsession: my blackberry!!
i used to think people who stayed addicted to their phones were crazy but I now see how easy that is!! Imagine, having your phone and email in your hand. Oh how I could have used this in college throughout the many BORING classes I've endured!! My suggestion: join the obsession...they aren't called crackberry's for nothing!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I really love this bracelet especially in person. This picture does it no justice! I've tried it on with the bracelet I have now and they look great together!
I'm in LOVE with this ring! I have a pearl ring my dad gave me for Christmas in 10th grade but this one is AMAZING!!

I need some help. I know this is a very vain post but I'm trying to decide which piece of jewelry I want for a graduation gift. I think its only appropriate that I get another David Yurman piece because I got one for high school graduation too! So, bear with this ridiculous post and give me your honest opinions!

I know, i know! I'm being a girl here and there are far more important things in life to worry about. I don't usually need help with silly things like this but I'm indecisive these days!

Off to ANOTHER phone interview. I'm about to have a computer program with recordings of my answers to all the questions I'm asked EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

I took Lexington to the vet today for her annual checkup and all of her shots to be hit with the usual, "she needs her teeth cleaned", bla bla bla , and then out of nowhere, "oh wow, she's going to need surgery from an orthopedic specialist on her knees because she may one day get arthritis." Ok here's how I feel about all of this. I love my dogs as though they are my own children. I'll do quite a lot for them that many pet owners laugh at (buy them lifejackets and diapers), but this is where I draw the line. I understand vets have families to provide for and need to make a living just like doctors, lawyers, etc., but this is what I call absurd. Seriously. I don't even want to know how much that surgery would cost considering that the vet would have to refer us to someone in Birmingham. I can't justify this. Surgery isn't something you treat lightly. In fact, Im not a big fan of surgery or medicine in general. I guess this comes from growing up with both parents in medicine and I've been taught to use extreme caution with these things. I'm the type of person who doesn't take Tylenol at the drop of a hat. Unless Im getting into migraine territory, I tough it out. I'm the same way with my dogs. When a vet suggests things like teeth cleaning every 6 months and things like this surgery, I have to say no. The problem is, I feel so guilty. I think vets capitalize on this. Nobody wants to be a bad pet owner. "No, I don't want to let my dog have surgery to prevent her from possibly having arthritis." How mean and unsympathetic does that sound?? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has faced this. I remember when our dog, Anna, was getting older, another vet recommended a geriatric profile workup to be done. Basically, $400 worth of blood tests for them to tell us, yes, she's getting old and her health may start degenerating. REALLY!?!??
In other news, I had quite a good time in Party City today picking up so oh so tacky Bachellorette party items. Some of the stuff they had was absolutely hilarious. For example, a "Hot meter." I guess you take this around with you to the bar and go up to guys and pretend to measure how "hot" they are. "ooooooooh sir, you have a hot reading of 9.3, you must buy us shots!" Don't worry, Abby, I didn't go overboard with this stuff, but lets just say that there will be no doubts about who the bachellorette is!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Today I took advantage of my freetime and treated myself to a short and sweet girl day...manicure and a trip to the tanning bed. I'm going to the beach this weekend and I refuse to blind people with my pale skin. And if you know me, you know I ALWAYS have a manicure. Im not a princess, its my one vice I've had for years.

Something funny/strange happened at the nail salon. I don't usually enjoy talking with the manicurist while he or she files away. I know it probably appears snobby, but I really cherish the time to sit there and be pampered for 20 minutes without making small talk. Well, Thiem was not having this today. I know he was trying to spark a conversation (probably because he does the same thing all day long), but he took it a little far. I sat down and immediately got the, "you aren't working today?" I didn't feel like spending 3 minutes explaining, no Im in school so I just said, "No not today." Then Thiem said, "Are you married?" "No." "Why you wear wedding ring?" "This is a pearl, not a diamond." .............. a few minutes later........."You have boyfriend?" "No, not right now." "Why not? You not like boys?" "Im sorry?!?" "How old you?" "23" "REEEEEALLY???? You look so young" "Oh ok" and then here comes the wierdest thing I've ever been asked. "That your real hair?" "Is this my real hair?!?!" "It brown, it real?"

Ok, I hope he was referring to hair color, not actual hair because thats a new one for me. Im counting on the hope that it was something lost in translation. I respect him for trying to speak English with me because I KNOW how hard it is to speak in another language to a native speaker because you know without a doubt you will say something wrong and believe me, this is intimidating to the point in my case where I freeze a lot of times and sound like a 2 year old talking. But Thiem, you took it too far this time.

Now I'm wondering if my hair is so bad that it looks fake. I've been wanting a change anyway so some suggestions are wanted.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Cloudy. Rainy. Nasty. Its one of those days that you just want to stay in bed all day and wake up with sunshine and a perfect breeze. Normally, I would hate today, but today is different. Its almost perfect. Its one in the afternoon and I'm still in my pj's and watching all of my favorite movies with Mary Kate. Its ALMOST like old times...just missing one girl and one chihuahua. Although, she's almost here. Swankystork (Abby's work screename...and no she's not preggers, she just works at a maternity store) and I have been having a nice little instant messenger chat and its almost like shes sitting on the other end of the couch, addressing wedding invitations with Hamp curled up next to her or most likely sitting in MK's lap. Its a sad feeling sort of, because Im realizing (slowly but surely) that those days are long gone. We used to always think of ways for us to all be in the same city and share an apartment again. "Girl, just move up here. We'll get an apartment or a house and then the dogs can play again and it will be just like old times." And now we dont have conversations like this. All this to say that change is good but hard at times. I feel like every major aspect of my life is like this now. Im constantly having to realize that life as I know it is changing.

As for now, some things are still the same. Girl is passed out asleep and when I asked her if she was asleep I got the usual, "NO IM NOT ASLEEP!!!!!"

Seriously, its time I get a life. Its time to branch out!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Im starting to get a little stir crazy. I have kept myself so busy the past few months to the point where if I have one day without much to do, I start getting really irritated with my life. This is not to say I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. In fact I have a TON of school work I really have to do today. I just haven't wanted to do it. I would much rather be spending the day with my friends or with a list of things I can get done. There are only 4 weeks left of school left so I really cannot afford a day where I don't come to class prepared. I realize this to the point where I have been having dreams EVERY night that I don't graduate. I honestly have no idea what I will do if this happens. There is not an inch of drive left in me anymore so another semester of school is absolutely out of the question. I'm over reacting...but still...these thoughts run through my mind like crazy these days especially when I have time to think.

In other news, the planning has officially begun for Abby's bachelorette party. Its so wierd to be planning this. I still feel like we are playing dress up and should be sitting around pizza talking about our future husbands, all the while complaining about how our braces are so annoying. The concept of people my age getting married is still foreign to me and I'm almost 24. This is by no means the beginning of the wedding craze. In fact, there have been so many before now, that I am in the obvious minority as a single girl. I don't really know why, I just haven't come to grips with the fact that I've left an age bracket and moved into the next. Don't get me wrong...I'm glad that Im not still 19. Im glad that people my age don't feel the need to go out and party hard every night of the week, in fact going out is almost a thing of the past. Its nice to be at a mature age. The thing is, I haven't moved into this era the way that most people have. I don't quite grasp the concept of marriage and family the way a lot of people do. It kind of worries me that I will always be a few steps behind. As far as the bachelorette party goes, I am wanting some good suggestions to make this memorable.

Another thing. I am really wanting to get into photography and I really need a nice camera. The one I have is nice but by no means professional. I can't take creative pictures at all. So, again, I need some suggestions!!

Ill leave you with one last thing. Its an absolute MUST to go to I have it set in one of my opening tabs for the internet. I subscribe to the Atlanta issue, but still read all the other cities' information!

Just a little blast from the past of Sarah and I on bid day!!