Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its Wednesday and its been quite the eventful week already! Monday night, Ryan and I went to dinner and we were leaving in seperate cars. I'm leaving the parking lot and I heard this LOUD noise. I felt my car jolt, and my immediate thought was, "Oh crap I hit the curb again." And then I look in my rearview mirror only to find a 1994 Ford tempo...turquoise/green...on my bumper. I'm FUMING now. I get out and the moor-on was just sitting there starring at me. Um, mam, please move your car into a space while we wait on the police. I called Ryan to come back and help (Having a man now, I've become so helpless :) least I act like it!). While I was waiting the girl starts crying, saying, "Please don't call the cops, you cant see any damage." While she was somewhat true, I know the reality of these things and if there was something wrong with the frame because of that, I would need a police report! "Ummmmmmmmmmm I'm sorry, you hit my car, I'm calling the cops!!" She starts balling and I for one second felt bad...only to remember she backed right into my car. She starts the begging and I'm getting angrier by the second! Ryan gets here and we're waiting on the cops and all she can say is, "I don't have time for this." Yeh, well, neither do I sweetie, but TOO BAD! I started getting suspicious at this point. Turns out she has no insurance and now she has to pay for all of my damages...on top of her hefty ticket for no insurance! SO SORRY! While you're working an extra shift at McDonalds, I'll be soaking up some sun in Aruba and my car will be in the shop!

THEN...that night Madison woke me up at 2 am wheezing. Scared me to death. She was shaking. This has happened before so I know what it is. She actually has asthma believe it or not. So I had to get her some childrens benadryl and now shes fine!!!

And now I'm just trying to wind up another week before we head to Destin again for Ryan's half marathon this weekend. He will be running in this cute little town!!

Seaside...everyone loves it! I hope to have a house here one day! I'll be taking the little Maddie girl with me while we cheer Ry on and then I'll head to the shops for an hour or so while we wait!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My dad would be so proud of me! Guess where I'll be ALL day tomorrow!! Four different locations of Lowes in Southern Georgia. Let me explain...Right now is my BUSIEST time at work. I'm in the heat of our big fundraising campaign, SHAMROCKS!!! You've all probably seen them around town in grocery stores, gas stations and of course LOWES!! They are one of our biggest sponsors and so I have to make sure they are selling to their potential! So this Saturday, I have set up challenges between competiting stores. Whoever sells the most Shamrocks in one day gets bragging rights and prizes for the store! I of course have to visit each location which will take up my whole day Saturday. Sounds aweful, but its not because it helps me out in the long run.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Joes Jeans,

You will soon get a phone call from me but in the meantime, you should know I am extremely perterbed with you! I FINALLY found the most perfect pair of jeans and you make them! I loved those things and was amazed everytime I wore them how good they made me feel. And then on the WORST night possible, Valentines Night, I sat down and a HUGE hole ripped on the leg. I know what you're thinking. Ummm maybe you've put on a few pounds missy. Ahh to the contrare my friend. I actually have lost weight since purchasing these and they are a little bit too big. AND to prove this, the fabric tore, not along the seam. I'm not done proving my point. In fact my sister had the exact pair and hers did the same thing. And if that isnt enough I heard a guy say his did the same too! What's up with this? I've worked with designer denim for YEARS. I understand buying quality denim because it fits and looks better and quite frankly should last a long time! I've had one pair of James jeans for over 5 years and NO sign of wear and tear to be seen. Yet, I bought yours in October and they lasted less than 6 months. So, prepare you Customer Service Reps. They will be hearing from me and I will not give up until a new pair is sent in the mail. Seriously. Its ridiculous!

Angry customer,

Rachel Machen

Monday, February 16, 2009

So I had originally intended to give this book to Ry for part of his Valentine's gift, but I got a little carried away with his gift basket and so I took this out. I've been wanting to read this, so I started today and if Ry wants to read it too, he can now or whenever I finish.

I'm on day one and I'm already challenged. Today, my assignment is to say nothing negative to Ryan. As soon as I read that, I knew it would be tough simply because Monday's are always a tough day. Work is always crazy and I never get to leave on time. And then of course Ry has triathalon training and volleyball games all on Monday nights. So I don't end up getting to see him until around 8:30 and by that point I'm cranky and just want to go to sleep (yes I've gotten old, I realize it!). So, say nothing negative to him today? I think I can do it!


I realized something is wrong with my car and I can't roll up the window. Of course, my initial reaction: call Ryan. But guess what time it is!! Its 5:30 and that means he's either running or on the bike. Translation: no cell phone! Well I'm trying anyway. But guess who's phone went straight to voicemail? Yep that would be Ryan Nelson. The blood is starting to boil here because that means one thing: he didn't charge it and its dead. And I get EXTREMELY irritated when this happens, mostly because its always at the most inopportune time, just like right now!

And then that little voice popped back into my head and reminded me of my assignment. The Lord sure does have a sense of humor sometimes. And then sometimes he makes things very clear and obvious to us when He is trying to teach us something.

I am quick to react. Its one of my strengths and its also one of my weaknesses. In my career, I have to be able to stay on my toes and make decisions on the spot all day everyday. But when that transfers into my personal life, its not always a good thing. I tend to not think things through rationally and react emotionally. And we all know where this bad!

Today's lesson opened with this verse. "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love." Ephesians 4:2. Patience is not something the Lord blessed me with. In fact its something I struggle with all the time. I love instant gratification. I like things going the way I want. I don't like having to wait. And I'm guilty of this is every aspect of my life.

The book pointed out, " No one likes to be around an impatient person. It causes you to overreact in angry, foolish and regrettable ways. The irony of anger toward a wronful action is that it spawns new wrongs of its own. Anger almost never makes thing better. In fact, it usually generates additional problems. But patience stops problems in their tracks."

It couldn't be any clearer to me than this! I think we are all guilty of this at some point. And think about how many times you have hurt someone because you reacted before you were able to think. Its scary. Relationships with friends, family, boyfriends, husbands, they all can be damaged simply from this.

I usually don't write the preachy posts but the Lord is laying this strong on my heart and I thought I would share it!!!


In other news, Ryan's sister and her husband just finished the qualifying race for Escape From Alcatraz. This may not mean much to most of you but apparantly its a super intense triathalon. Jamey placed first giving him a ticket to Escape From Alcatraz and Heidi came within 30 seconds of qualifying too! Congrats to both of them!!! Their dedication to that sport is unreal. I only wish I had 10% of it and I would be a better person!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We've had quite the eventful Valentine's Day weekend filled with lots of REALLY good eating and spending time with some of the ones we love!!

Friday night, Ryan had quite the romantic dinner planned for me, but he would NOT tell me what we were doing. All I was told was to dress as if I were going to Bonefish Grill. So my mind was running wild with ideas of where we might go and what we might do. We ended up at this really fun spot called "SAGE." I've heard lots of good things about it, so I was quite excited. A little background information on SAGE. Its quite fancy and you really need a reservation, so I was feeling a bit underdressed wearing a nice jeans outfit. BUT we had private dining outside on their terrace. It was super romantic (at times cheesy), but I ate up every second of it because it is a RARITY that we splurge and go somewhere that nice!!

And then yesterday afternoon, my parents drove down to come visit us. Once again, my sweet romantic had made reservations for the four of us at our favorite spot in Tallahassee, Chez Pierre. It happens to be where we met and it holds a very very special place in both of our hearts. What better place to spend Valentines Day night then this!! It was yet another amazing meal and then Ryan took us to Starbucks (there's a shocker) and treated us all to lattes. I must say the boy put forth some serious effort this weekend and he earned big points in my parents' book! I was quite the brat when I didn't get the usual roses or chocolate, but now I realize that he went above and beyond the boyfriend duties for Valentine's Day and that is a WAY better than a $19.99 bouquet of roses!

And this morning, we got ready and had the fancy schmancy breakfast here!!!

Never a disappointment and of course my Dad LOVED it! Give the man breakfast and he is one happy guy!! After that we went back to the church we tried out last week. This time we went to the contemporary service and both of us absolutely LOVED it! We've both said we're going to try some other churches just to get a feel for what's out there, but I don't know how this will be topped. It was another one of my flashing lights moments. I felt at home there and just have this feeling in my heart that we need to be right there!!

And then to top off my fabulous weekend, Mom brought me some Valentine's Petit Fours from none other than the BEST, Liger's bakery. I remember in college, I became OBSESSED with making these things. They were always terrible looking and odd shaped, but Im just going to have to say, they were DELICIOUS! Probably explains some of the college weight gain, which was quite hard to get off! All that said, yesterdays were beutiful and delicious! Mom knew she would score major points bringing those and she passed that info along to Ryan letting him know if he ever wanted to make me happy, just show up with a box of these!
And now, because I can't figure out how to order my photos, Ill show you some pictures of the little Maddie girl!!
She's sitting next to me while I work and is a little sad since her grandparents and sister left her, but she's quite the happy girl these days!

This was yesterday when she was waiting on grandparents to get here!

Still looking!!
I hope you all had a good weekend! Its been fun so far and I'm just glad to have tomorrow off of work to just enjoy this to the fullest!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feast your eyes on these bad boys! This has been my background for the past weeks. They're cupcakes in case you're wondering. There's probably a few of you out there saying, "those are too pretty to eat." And while I agree for a second or two, I'm fairly sure that I would dive right into these!

I'm gonna catch a lot of flack (from my sister especially) about having a mushy cutesy post. But give me a break. I like pretty things and just because these things happen to be Valentine's related...does NOT mean I can't like them!

If the days weren't too jam packed with things to do, I just might get into the mood and be crafty and make one of these.

Valentine's Day sure is close and this will be the first one Ryan and I spend together. Normally, I've always hated the idea of day to highlight those that are swept away in love. Because what about all the rest of the people who aren't? Its a hard day for anyone single and the reality that loneliness sometimes accompanies this single-ness is always heightened on Valentine's Day. Every year it seemed like I would have another February 14 spent alone and I would always secretly hope that the next would be different. But the truth is, I can honestly say that I spent A LOT of time living where it was just me. I got to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I learned SOO much about myself and now that its not just me, I can truly appreciate February 14. Even though it really is a Hallmark holiday (basically a boost in the economy for post christmas spending ), it is a day for EVERYONE. Its a day to show everyone you love how much you care for them.

This year, I have NO clue what Ryan has planned for us and quite frankly I don't think he does either. But I do know what I'm getting him! Anyone seen the movie Fireproof? There is a book that accompanies the movie called, "The Love Dare." I've heard its amazing so I think I'm going to get him this. I was at his house the other day and noticed his Bible sitting on his bedside table. It makes me smile because the boy still has a Youth Study Bible. I'm thinking its time for an upgrade. So this year instead of candy, Ryan is getting a new Bible and a devotional.

Remember when I mentioned a few weeks ago that we are looking for a new church home? We started the search. Last Sunday, we went to a church that one of the guys Ry plays basketball with goes to. We went to the 9:30 service which was SUPER traditional (translation: old people everywhere). And while the music was not so much what I was looking for, the pastor was. His friend and his wife and their daughter took us to lunch and talked to us about the ministries the church has. Apparantly, the 11 am service is geared more towards the younger crowd, which is what I figured. But it felt good to be welcomed into the church with big open arms. We're gonna give the 11 am service a try this Sunday.

Well, I had intended to put a few more things in here, but the morning is slipping away from me and I've got another busy day at work today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been quite the busy girl with work so I haven't had too much of a social life recently. Thus the lack of new pictures. BUT...last weekend I had a little retail therapy and finally was able to get Ry to hang window treatments and a few other things. Now my house is starting to look like a home...slowly but surely! My parents are coming to visit us this weekend and I really wanted to get the place looking like I actually live in it! My schedule is so hectic these days that the amount of time I'm actually awake in my house is so minimal its almost not worth even decorating. ALMOST! But I was able to score a bunch of really cool pieces that have added a lot of character to the house. Pictures are on the way...I promise!

On a different note... probably my favorite blog to read is Resolved2worship. There is a link to the right so definitely look at it! This woman is a miracle in itself! She has 6 kids, 1 on the way and homeschools all of them with a photography business on the side. Her pictures are truly amazing and I love when she updates her blog. Not only for the pictures, but for what she has to say. The intensity of her dedication to Christ is remarkable! They recently moved into what used to be a realty company office and have transformed it into a home for their family. I've included some of my favorite pictures, but she has more on her site, so check it out!!

I have a little envy of her and would love to sit and talk with her and pick her brain. This woman is VERY resourceful. She renovated this place on a SUPER strict budget and I think its magazine worthy at this point!

Prepare yourself. This is the before of the kitchen.

And the after.

Hope you all are having a good week! It sure is flying by so quickly! When did it become mid February?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So theres this thing going around facebook where you have to write 25 random facts about yourself. I usually hate those things, but it is actually very interesting to read!! Here are some of mine...and I'll add a few more!

1. In life I believe there are alot of times when you can either laugh or cry...I always choose to laugh

2. My sister is my best friend in the world and shes probably making fun of me for doing this right now.

3. All of my friends are scattered all over the US and I miss each one terribly!

4. My phone is my lifeline.

5. I actually have two cell phones because Tallahassee has bad reception in a lot of places.

6. I used to think I knew what Love is...until I met Ryan. Now I cant imagine life without him.

7. I lived in Alabama all of my life until 2 months ago when I moved to Florida.

8. I desperately miss the South and cannot wait to live there again one day!

9. I'm extremely OCD. My house and office MUST be perfectly organized.

10. If I could, I would wear my Uggs year round. They're terribly ugly, but terribly comfy!!

11. My dog Madison is my first child and I will always stick to that.

12. I love where I am in my career right now. Event planning is extremely challenging, but I love the rush!

13. One day I think I may want to own my own event planning company.

14. I want children but I dont think I could ever completely give up my career.

15. I love reading other people's blogs...especially photography blogs.

16. Its my secret dream to learn how to take cool pictures and one day do it as a side job, just for fun.

17. My dream vacation is to go back to Europe. Ryan and I have already decided we're going to Switzerland for our honeymoon.

18. I am very non-confrontational. I've lost friends because of this.

19. I am extremely girly...I love manicures and pedicures and shopping.

20. I could sit in Books A Million for hours reading magazines

21. I'm fluent in Spanish but never use it. I do have a tendency to dream in spanish and speak to myself in spanish while I'm trying to get something done.

22. I've always admired my dad for being such a handy man...its HIGH up on my list of qualities I looked for in a man.

23. I hated every minute of school. I would rather work 10 hours a day than be in college.

24. Whenever I see a car with an Auburn sticker, I get really excited. Its a rarity down here. And its true what they say about Auburn, its a family and you will only truly understand it when you experience it for yourself.

25. I believe that happiness is a choice.

26. You will never catch me without the following items: At least one cell phone, both yurman bracelets, my watch and both rings.

27. One of favorite things to do is walk on the beach at night. The first weekend we went to Destin, Ryan surprised me one night and took me to the beach. It is probably my favorite memory of us!!

28. I love taking Madison to Ryan's house so that she gets to be a dog. She's in absolute heaven because they have 50 acres and she can just run till she drops!

29. I eat more cereal than anyone should even consider. Its usually what I have for dinner!

30. One day I hope to have a house just like the LA house in The Holiday.

31. I could watch Will and Grace for hours.

32. I love going grocery shopping. For some reason it makes me feel super domesticated.

33. I am always on the hunt for a new perfume. I actually found one this week at Anthropologie that takes me back to the 7th grade GAP perfume days...remember the scent, Grass??

34. I HATE overhead lighting. I believe in lamps...lots of them.

35. I DESPISE carnations. The first flower bouquet Ryan brought me had carnations in them but he had yet to be warned. I pretended to love them when deep down I gagged. I reminded him this morning so they better not show up for Valentines Day!

36. Speaking of Valentines Day. We will be spending a romantic evening parents. They're coming in town next weekend. Hey when you live this far away, you take what you can get!

37.My mom has lost it with Lexie. She is scheduling play dates for the dog. Literally...she has one set up with another yorkie in the neighborhood next week. Maybe Murphy and Lexie will hit it off!

38. My sister and I have a voice we talk to each other with. Nobody else can do it and it annoys the mess out of our brother. Ryan has learned to ignore it.

39. When riding in the car, my sister and I love to blast the music and pretend to play whatever instrument is playing...another thing Ryan has learned to ignore.

40. I give code names to basically everyone I know. To name a few: Buffet, Fire, Senior, Deck, Carlos, Don, Sandy, Awesome, Bags, Fiskars.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing beats waking up a little bit early and having some extra time in the morning to do the things I want to do! I've got Madison laying next to me, oh so protective of her new home, and I really couldn't be happier! When we brought Maddie home Sunday afternoon, it was the funniest/cutest thing I've EVER seen. She was sooooo a kid who just moves and runs around his new house discovering everything. We laughed and laughed and laughed. She is completely adjusted and doesn't seem to miss Lexie at all, which is what I was really worried about.

Surprisingly, Ryan has quickly taken to Madison. He doesn't mind dogs but he hasn't ever wanted one of his own. Sunday night I fell asleep watching the Super Bowl (the party was canceled...thank goodness) and I woke up to him kneeling down by the couch talking to Madison. Very sweet moment.

I'm going out of town until tomorrow night for a regional conference in Jacksonville, so guess who's dog sitting!!!