Sunday, May 31, 2009

How awesome would it be to live here!! Just thought I'ld throw that bit of randomness in there for kicks and giggles.
It seems like I always write a post on Sunday afternoon, so I'll continue the tradition. Life's been a little crazy around here this week. Bringing home the little man has been an adventure. He is full of life and energy and a perfect match for my little Madison. They've had a blast this week chasing each other. And I've had my hands full with housetraining little Hudson. OK OK I REFUSE to go on and on about my dogs. Hey let's be honest. I dont have I don't have much else to report!!
Ok, I'll try. So, we've really gotten into cooking around here. Yesterday we went wild in Walmart's grocery section. Yes, I said Walmart. Here's my take on Walmart groceries. I'll shop for everything but their meat. For a long time, I've had this disgust/fear of buying food from Walmart. I hate the place. I hate everything it stands for. But I love their buying power, aka their LOW prices. We loaded up the cart BIG time and should be set on food for a WHILE now. The amount we saved was absolutely ridiculous! Sorry Publix...I still love you but I've gotta do what's best for the checking account!!
Sorry for the boring/short post. Little man has an obsession with my computer making it quite a challenge to type ANYTHING!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ok guys, I promised new pictures and today, I WILL deliver! This past weekend was a GREAT birthday weekend spent at my parents' lakehouse. Ryan and I left straight after work Friday and got up there around 10:30. We were POOPED and went to bed very soon. The whole weekend, it rained but that was A-OK!! It was really nice to just RELAX. Something Ryan and I have forgotten how to do!!

Here's me telling Madison we're heading up to the lake. Of course she got excited and gave me some kisses. Plus, I just wanted to show this picture because I dyed my hair DARK a few weeks ago and havent put up any pictures!!

And here's a pic of the AMAZING strawberry pie Mom made for my birthday. It was delicious...even Ryan ate it and he doesn't like sweets.

To some of you, this looks like 2 men just grilling hamburgers. But for those of you who know my dad, his grill is his pride and joy. To be able to use it is HUGE! Kinda cute :)

These 2 guys had a blast doing the manly things. Grilling, fixing the jetski's, etc. At one point, I looked out the window and saw them on the roof cleaning gutters.

I love this one. Mom woke us up SUPER early Sunday to go to Church in the Pines. Here's what Ry thought of that!

And here's our sweet little family!!

And of course a shot of the precious little Lexington, who was THRILLED to see her big sister and old mom!

One more surprise!

Meet Hudson! He's a 5 month old yorkie weighing in right at 3.9 lbs. He's the sweetest little man in the world and he is just LOVING his new family! (**Please excuse the hair...hes getting groomed tomorrow!!)

I'm gonna have to say turning 25 wasn't too shabby!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Read at your own risk!
How yummy do these babies look? I could eat these babies EVERY day!! Yesterday, my mom asked me what I want for my birthday dinner and I quickly requested a strawberry pie. Yall, my mom makes a ridiculously delicious strawberry pie. My mouth is just watering thinking about it!! Recipe will be up soon...promised!! Nothing says, "ITS SUMMER!!" like a slice of this heaven!!
Anyone else out there come home and look around and wonder if this happened? Well I did today. Except I didnt even make it to the house before I was warned. Ryan called me asking if I was coming home for lunch. I asked why and he said, "Well Bubbie got in the trash again and she threw up and peed on the couch." Well, if any of you have met Madison, you know she is VERY well behaved. This shocked me, and since I'm only 1 minute (literally) away from home, I hurried to the car. I walked in and instantly, she had that "im soooo sorry mom" look written all over her face. I said, "Bubbie, WHAT did you do!??!" And then she came slowly across the room, tail tucked, ears pinned back, bottom tucked aka scarred to death. Poor little girl got into the trash because the packet for the pot roast i made this morning (which is delish!!) was in there. And to put it nicely, it did not agree with her little tummy. The pee came in when Ryan got home and she jumped on the couch scarred while getting in trouble and lost control. Poor little girl. Needless to say, the trash won't be sitting out in her reach anymore!

And I gotta steal another picture from emily at cupcakes and cashmere. I don't know how many of you watch The Hills, but recently I have gotten irritated with LC. It seems like this whole season she's sported the SAME hairdo. Butt0crack part and a braid on one side. Lauren, it was cute for an episode, not a season. So basically, I've been disgusted with braids ever since. EVER SINCE...I saw this!! How cute is this?? Gosh I've gotta start taking hair pills so my hair will grow!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So I've been known to do a little blog-stalking in my spare time and every now and then, I somehow stumble across a gold mine. One day it was the Pioneer Woman's site with every recipe known to man to fill a hungry man's stomach. Then it was over at Elements of Style, where I completely fell in love with everything the woman picked for home design. And now, I have a new crush.

Hop on over to and let Emily suck you in to her world of anything goes! This adorable little (** and I do mean LITTLE) 25 yr old has made quite a name for herself in the blog world. And she has herself to thank. Its a rarity to come across someone who is 100% authentic in their style. Not like its the most important thing in life, but originality and individuality are character traits I highly admire.

There are TONS AND TONS of pictures on her site that should serve as inspiration to all of you out there. And the best part is, her boyfriend takes all of them. Oh to have a man who will take photo shoots of your fashion shows you put on when you bring home new clothes. Come on, we all do it!!

Once again, I forgot how to pick the order for the pictures, but look how cute this is. On a dresser in her closet, she displays her simple things that look so pretty just like this!!
It makes me sick when I see pictures of closest like this. It appears that she has very few clothes and I would put ALL my money on it that she's that girl who never wears the same outfit twice.

I mean seriously.

She's just so cute. The type that you see out shopping and say, "why isn't it that easy for me??"

This one just caught my eye. You know, we've all done the long necklace trend. Trust me, I was working at Behind the Glass during the PEAK of this one. But the way she layered and knotted these puts a new twist on the trend. I might have to pull out all my long necklaces and start experimenting!

I mean seriously, does it get any cuter than this? I think not.

Note to self: keep growing out hair.
Goal: hair JUST like this.
Yep, shes right up there on the perfect hair list with Jennifer Anniston and that's saying something.

Monday, May 18, 2009

So you're probably getting a smidge tired of looking at pictures of ridiculously expensive homes, which happen to be ridiculously beautiful!! Well my friend, I'll change it up and put a picture of the cutest things in the world up for ya...YORKIES!!

Yall, I've got the itch for a new pupster. With a birthday coming up, Mom and Dad have promised me a replacement for my sweet little Lexington. And we're working hard trying to find a little pupster to entertain Madison. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll surprise me this weekend with a sweet little one like this. FINGERS CROSSED!!

So, if any of you guys out there know of any litters available, let me know!

Its Monday, which means another case of the "I have nothing to wear to work." It would be so much more fun if I looked into this fun closet instead of my boring walk in. But the good news is this. I got a call this morning (way too early I might add) that since Ryan has today off, he's swinging by to come do my laundry for me. I don't have a washer and dryer yet, soon .... very soon hopefully! And so I usually have a huge mound of clothes in the hamper.
What a nice surprise!! I'm hopefully going to come home to clean clothes and a cleaner home. Now THAT is romance!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have a confession to make. I'm completely smitten with
I cant help but to continue to take pictures from her blog. Probably because she and I are on the same wavelength. I'm pretty sure I would hire her as my interior designer or personal shopper.

But since my budget doesn't really have room for luxuries like this (that and I've always said the first thing I would do if I won the lottery is hire a hair stylist to do my hair everyday), I can just drool over all her finds. Plus, I don't think there's anything wrong with starting to put together ideas of things I like for the day that I get to put my sweet Ry to work on our house....wayyyyyyy in the future.

I really like it when houses devote a WHOLE room to one thing, like the shoe wall I posted earlier, or like this tub. Its not shoved in the bathroom with a shower, sinks and toilets. Let me drift off into my daydreams and tell you what I see here. Little sisters in a bubble bath playing while I'm sitting on that comfy chair, probably on the phone with someone. Ahhh what do I know?

I'm sure it will NEVER be that picture perfect. Whatever, its called a daydream for a REASON!!

While I don't get into bear skin rugs, and I dont necessarily like the light blue, I cant help but salivate at the layers of this bed. The other day, I was bragging on Ryan to the girls at work how he made up the new guest bed with all the layers 100% correctly (**sidenote, I left step by step instructions along with a diagram with what order everything goes in....featherbed, mattress cover, fitted sheet, top sheet, blanket, duvet, quilt, quilt at bed....). Anyway, someone said, "I can imagine your house to be one of those that people feel like they're going to break something at any point." Yall, this kinda got my attention and I started to thinking. I love comfort. And i love a REALLY comfy bed. One like this. One that you look at and instantly want to run and jump into. Turn the fan on high, air down to 65, blinds closed and off to dreamland we go!

I really want and need to complete my bedroom furniture with a nice dresser like one of these. And of course some matching side tables. I would absolutely love to find some nice antiques like these. I would much rather buy furniture with a history rather than the back printed with something like "Havertys" on it. I digress. Anyway, I'm on the lookout for these beauties (and as always sticking to the them of "I work for a non-profit and must find a good deal". I've read a bunch of blogs where you ladies, who are leaps and bounds ahead of me in the decorate your house department, have found goldmines with great finds like these for great prices. (**Please excuse all my super long sentences, I'm on a rant right now...just deal.) So, where might I look in Florida? Anyone out there??

My internet has been a little shaky this week, so hence the lack of blog posts. BUT, I can honestly say, I don't have much to report, so you havent missed much at all. Last week, I did stay busy, but that's a relative term with my job. Monday, I was in south Georgia working and then Tuesday and Wednesday I was in Pensacola and Destin....working :(

I will have to admit that I've gotten a little bit jaded from living in Florida. I see the beach at least every month if not more. And I never thought I would say this, but I dont have that excitement about putting my toes in the sand anymore. BUT when I see the water for the first time, I always melt!!

Pensacola is quite charming, I must admit. I've never been there and unfortunately didn't get to stay and see the sites, but from what I did see, I want to go back. AND I am...June 21 and 22 I'll be working/making a weekend of it. Hey, when life gives you lemons...

This weekend, we went up to a friend's lakehouse. Got a bit nostalgic and started missing good ole Lake Martin. Fortunately, we're headed there next weekend for Memorial Day and my birthday.

Speaking of the big 2-5....

Ryan asked me what I want and I showed him this...

After he rolled his eyes and laughed, I said, "no seriously." But wouldn't it be nice to have a shoe room? And a Birkin? And Louis Vuitton luggage? At this point, I can think of A LOT of ways to spend that kind of money. But hey a girl can dream right?

And speaking of dreaming (please excuse the tacky transitions), this is what I've been dreaming of...
You know it looks quite inviting!! Nothing says summer like lounging in the pool!!
I'll try to be a little bit better and post some more. I've found tons and tons of pictures of pretty things I can't wait to share. For now, I gotta attack my closet. It's overgrown with shoes and bags and clothes that desperately need organizing!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm back home!! And wouldn't it be great to walk through a door like that, all cute with flowers in hand? I digress.

We had a whirlwhind weekend, spent mostly on the road visiting BOTH families. Got up really early Saturday morning to go to Panama City (**EEEEWWW) to visit Ryan's parents. They were staying there with Jamey and Heidi for Jamey's half iron man Triathalon. Stayed for a bit and chatted by the pool then packed up again and headed to Montgomery. What I haven't mentioned is how we had NO airconditioning the ride to Montgomery. And it was blazing hot. I've got to get my car in the shop ASAP!!

Saturday night, we went with Mom and Dad to Crockmiers and had a really nice dinner. For all you Montgomery kids out there, you'll appreciate this. We were surrounded by a sea of 9th graders about to go to MCC. Brought back fun memories!!

And then yesterday, we did the usual church with mom and grilled out for lunch. I haven't eaten this well in a while! Steak, shrimp, scallops, chicken piccata, croissant rolls from Edgars. YUMM!!

Heading into another busy week today. I'll be traveling today and tomorrow. Albany, GA today and Pensacola tomorrow. Makes me tired thinking about it.

OH more thing. This weekend mom and dad put the offer on the table to buy me another dog. Madison needs a playmate badly! And since they kept my sweet little Lexington, they felt it right to buy her replacement. SOOOOOOOOOOO....I'm in the market again!! Let me know if you hear of any yorkies (preferrably not puppies) who need a home!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sarah's Room

Well, Sarah, I had a little fun coming up with some color schemes that will work in your peach room!!

My sister is moving in to her first apartment right now and she's faced with a design dilema. Her room is a light shade of peach. Gross! That was my first reaction, but the more I thought about it, the more, I realized she has quite a few options to work with.

Hey, who am I kidding, it just gave me an excuse to use polyvore again.

Any of you blog experts out you know how I can make it show up a lot bigger??

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Blogger hasnt been working with me the past few days. I tried yesterday to post something fun and ended up with only a picture.


For those of you looking for something to take up a lot of your time you spend bored (yeh right...I don't know anyone with this kind of time except my sister who's in between semesters now), go to

I had seen these collages on other blogs and wondered how to make them. Well girls, its very easy. Basically any item you can imagine is in their HUGE library. Just click on the search bar and off you go!!

Yesterday, I was dreaming of a beach vacation, even just a weekend getaway. Which explains the theme. I wish I could make the picture larger, but I'm working on it!

Oh is it Friday yet? I spoke too soon the other day when I said the weeks are flying by. Not so much right now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Find me on Polyvore
Well, I promised a post with some pictures, and while they aren't mine, I'm sure its better than me recapping you on my daily life aka work.

I came across a blog I've been a fan of but for some reason, haven't visited in a while. Quickly, I was reminded what a little gem this one is. Elements of Style is a GOLDMINE for all you ladies out there who like to look at pretty homes. And as an added bonus, she inserts some fashion in there every now and then. To be honest, I love her style and she just posts some BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

For starters, this caught my eye...
I think its the water down here, because I cannot get enough of the relaxed casual look just like this. I used to get all dressed up for work. NO mam, not anymore. I just wish I could wear these shorts! Good news is, this outfit is from Ann Taylor Loft which means even those of you on a budget can afford it. I looked at the website...tons of other cute things too. Basically JCrew on a budget. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

And then I found a few things to show that I like that she has of the million beautiful things on her blog. This sink, for example. Loving the dark wood. Loving the mirrors and ESPECIALLY loving the seperate his and her sinks with a semi-divider. Enough to say, keep your junk on your side and I'll keep mine over here.

And I am BEYOND obsessed with this kitchen sink. Cannot even explain to you how much this sucker melted my heart! One day!

I saw these on another blog this morning. This girl on Etsy is quite the popular lady. While i'm outgrowing all of the cutesy fabrics, I still like these for a punch of color. And for $20, I'll take 2. I'll get a link to her site soon for you.

And Loving this dining room. Big massive table with pretty white chairs and the special chair at the head of the table.

And this is too fun to pass up. I really want a fun office that is functional. Currently, my desk is in the guest room and gets used, oh NEVER. I want an inviting room and if i had an office this cute, i could guarantee you that my laptop wouldn't be permanantly parked on the coffee table in the living room....guaranteed.

And one last thing before I head back to work. This sure would be nice to sleep in and take a nap today. I'm dragging today. Just an hour and I would be good!
Happy Wednesday!!

I only have a few minutes before I have to start getting ready for work, so I'll make this one semi-quick.

Last night, I went out for margaritas with some girls from work to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I don't know what it is about this holiday, but I LOVE it! Maybe its because I love the Spanish/Latin culture, or maybe its because you can get the EXTRA LARGE margaritas for $3.99! Whatever it is, I'm loving it!

I've been somewhat obsessed with blog stalking this week. Probably because EVERYONE has fun things going on, like precious new babies, moving into new homes, new puppies. And I have to admit, I've been getting a little bit jealous. I want something fun and exciting to blog about! But I guess I need to be patient. I've come a LOOOOONG way since this time last year and I'm excited to see what life has in store for me in the next.

Ok enough of the cheesy mess. maybe next time there will be something more entertaining to report.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

This one will be a picture-less post. For those of you who don't like to read, catch ya next time!

I feel like a broken record here, but it was another busy week. Worked A LOT, cleaned, ate and slept. Can't say I did much more than that until this weekend. Friday night, a few of us ladies from work went over to Po'Boys for a few drinks. Had a BLAST with them...learned some insider information...always fun. Then, we headed out to the one and only Chez Pierre (spot where Ryan and I met) and had drinks while we listened to a really fun band. There were TONS AND TONS of people out, probably because it was graduation weekend. I didn't care though, I needed to chill out after this week!

And then yesterday, I had to work a few hours with the firefighters. Afterwards, LA and I headed over to Old Navy where I stocked up on a bunch of basics. Yall, I just can't get enough of those these days. Seriously, I live in cute chino pants and solid tees with fun jewelry. Our office is super relaxed, so a dress is really out of the question unless I have a meeting with a sponsor.

And today, I've been a busy bee. We went to church this morning, then to brunch at the cutest little cafe. And then I came home to CLEAN!!! My guest room is what I like to call a work in progress. Basically, the closets were packed full of storage boxes that I haven't gone through. Today, I went through ALL of it and threw out a lot. Sarah's moving into her first apartment and I have lots of things I don't want anymore (too young for my tastes now) that she might like. So, Ill take those to her. And now, the closests are all organized!!

As always, Ry's at his Sunday basketball game. I'll probably head out the door to Books a Million in a bit.

Nothing else to report!!