Thursday, April 29, 2010

Office Space...

More fun home offices for you guys...

So, I'm really getting into interior design. Like REALLY getting into it. Like I want to really start doing something with it. I, unfortunately don't have room in my budget to put my creative eye to work in my home, but I'm having quite a bit of fun helping other people. So, send me your questions!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Put THIS in the car with the frozen cake...

My birthday is quickly approaching and my mother continues to ask me for gift ideas. This is actually surprising to me because she normally has the gifts wrapped at least 4 months in advance.

I have no idea what I want that is within reason for a birthday gift. Um maybe a life??

But when I stopped by one of my new favorite blogs, she showed these and said they're on her birthday wish list. And I just knew it right then and there...

THESE are what I want!!

Completely out of the price range but oh so perfect for my walls!!

So mom, when you bring my frozen birthday cake with you in a few weeks, I really wouldn't be too upset if one of these came with you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mrs. Whatley and Mrs. Potter...

I wish that we had digital cameras when we were kids. I wish they were around for High school. Because goodness the treasure of pictures I would have. And oh how I would plaster those anywhere I could.

It sure would make for some fun interview pictures. But I stuck to the disposable cameras and now I have NOTHING to show for it. No proof of all the crazy memories I have with this girl...

Meet Sara. She's been one of my greatest friends ever since the day she came with her family to my lake house right before fifth grade started. She was AWESOME.
She told me that she had to shave her legs and helped me realize how uncool I was going to be on the first day back to school. I started my campaign right then and there to join the rest of civilization and jump on the smooth legs bandwagon. Of course, my mother said no and made me go to the first day with hairy legs. She made me a deal. If I was the ONLY one who hadn't picked up a razor yet, she'ld let me take the plunge. I was utterly humiliated to take my man legs to Mrs. Shelley's class. I mean, WHAT was the woman thinking??

What I didn't realize was that I looked like a complete 5 year old still. I was scrawny and mother nature wasn't going to take her course on me for many many years to come. But Sara, dangit, Sara looked like a woman. How does this happen, I kept thinking. My BFF was tall and womanly and there I was 4 foot 9 and 80 lbs. I looked disgusting. And now, I'ld love to get back to that weight range :)

Anyway, Sara was definitely that friend that introduced me to the world of being a lady. Bless her heart, having to deal with me like that. I was such a child. But the best part was she!! I specifically remember getting into AOL chat rooms in sixth grade telling random guys that we were 14 and 34 C's. And the morons took the bait!!

Fast forward to tenth grade. Sara got a boyfriend.


A boyfriend?? What am I supposed to do now??

Fortunately, I became friends with the class ahead of us who was BFF's with her Boyfriend, so we were always together. She was the only other youngin' in the group and I couldn't pick anyone else I would rather it to have been.

Fast forward to college. As all college freshman do, we branched out and made new friends. But we stayed good friends.

FAST FORWARD to July 26, 2008. I was down in Tallahassee visiting a friend and had JUST met Ryan the night before. I get a phone call that Saturday morning and I KNEW what that call was about. "Rachel I have some news for you." "OH MY GOSH, Tell me you're getting married!!!" "Yes!!!!! And he proposed on a cookie cake."


Now, let me just say this right here and now. No single girl loves this call. Just another reminder that hey, I'm still single. But this call was completely different. I was ECSTATIC for her!! On cloud nine, no lie. I will never ever ever forget that day. That day changed both of our lives forever!!

And let me say this right here and now. Its a rarity to really like the man your best friend is marrying. You only want the best for her. So its really hard to fall head over heals for him. But oh my gosh the moment I met heart just melted.

The kid came at me with a big sincere hug and it was like I had known him for years! Tyler, you are by far one of the most incredible guys alive!! You have every single quality I would hope Sara's husband would have and so so so much more. You are kind and lively. You love Sara's friends as if they're your own {yet another rarity for husbands} and you know the importance of her keeping these silly friends!! Gosh I would hug you right now if I could. AND you have the most incredible taste in engagement rings!! Good LORD that ring is incredible!!

So, the planning began for her wedding and Sara was the best bride ever. She remained calm the whole time. Right up to five minutes before the aisle when she was chompin on a sandwhich {no lie}. That was hands down the most incredible wedding I have EVER been to. Hands down. I enjoyed every single moment!!

So naturally, I HAD to get an interview from Sara. I can't put into words how much fun she is. I really can't but I can tell you this. She is one of the greatest people in this world. So this interview does her NO justice. Sara, you are incredible! I love you more than anything!! I sure hope we're 90 years old and still good friends sitting in our rockers laughing at our silly stories!!

Here's a little questionnaire for Mrs. Caldwell:

1. If you had a talk show, who would your first 3 guests be?
Jill Zaren, Caesar Milan, Matisyahu

2.What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
When Cole Simon threw my Arrid XXX around our 6th grade classroom (I was a bit young for such strong deo don't you think?)

3.You're stuck in an elevator with three people for hours. Who would you want to be stuck with? Tyler (sorry but he is good with dealing with my panic attacks), a pharmaceutical rep with plenty of anti anxiety samples, and a soccer mom with a purse full of snacks

4. If you were about to die, what would your last meal be?

5. When you were a little girl, where did you see yourself at 26?
When I was little I thought 16 year olds were adults so I can't say I thought much about 26

6. Favorite thing you own?
my Keurig coffee maker

7. What are your goals this year?
to get this dog not to pee everywhere and chew on everything (I am a bit short sited right now)

8. Do you believe in love at first site?
eh, how about crush at first site

9. What is one thing that makes you YOU?
I research the heck out of everything, have you ever wondered what a cashew plant looks like? I have.

10. If you were to be described in three words, what would they be?
Anal retentive, blunt, and I hope people think I'm funny.

11. Where is your favorite place to shop?
TJ Maxx

12. If you had to choose, would you rather decorate your home or fill
up your closet?
oh my gosh that is so hard, how about a half filled closet and a few rooms with no furniture?

13.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
I gave blood and got married

14. What places are on your list for your travels?
Turkey, Croatia, back to Spain, Maine maybe.

15. QUICK...Fill in the blank:
My life would be complete if .....I was LOADED and had big boobs! (you can censor that if you need to but it was the first thing that came to my head!)

Isn't she just awesome?? And that's her amazing little son right there. Sara, I love that you're asking me all these puppy training questions. I really do!! Its one of a very few things I can actually do!!
Oh holy whoa!! I was a wilderbeast here!! I mean WhOA!!
And I'll leave you with one last picture that just sums her all up!!

Sara, you are one of my all time favorite people in this world. That will never change!!

I suwanee...

My friend Sara is next on the list for an interview. I sent her the questions last night and she did not disappoint. I'm working on that post. It has to be great. Because Sara is great and she's been one of my best friends for SO MANY YEARS {about 15 or 16 years}. Anyway, we were chatting today online and she introduced me to the new love of my life.

Get your hankies ready because you will be drooling the second you go to this blog.

Now I'm not sure how I missed it all this time, but I am literally in shock at the awesomeness it holds.

Check out a few of my favorites so far.

I have no idea why, but I just love this picture. I totally get this girl. I feel like this girl. She looks like she lives alone. She looks pretty cool. Anyone with a glitter pinata like that is cool in my book. And then that orchid...
Someone PULEASE buy or paint me a painting like these. I would die.
And I love the idea of a dresser in the closet. This is in the works for me.

Come and Knock on my door...

So today, several of you came in through the clutch and actually gchatted me. And I have to say, my quality of life went up two or three points. Lots of fun things have been running through my head. So to say the hiatus is donezo is an understatement.

Stay tuned for some eye candy posts to follow. Mrs. Caldwell hooked us all up with a new blog I somehow hadn't discovered yet. And guys: IT. IS. GOOD.

In the meantime, while I get it all together, its time for a tour of my home away from home.

Welcome to my world. Its dull and boring but I'm making the most of it.

Destination: my humble office in the Non-profit world.

There she blows. My little sanctuary all in her glory. Filled with wonderment beyond belief. That or A LOT of work to be done. I was gracious enough to tidy up before the pictures were taken. So the mounds of binders, files, papers, etc. have been put in their homes. Ok, who am I kidding? This is done every night before I leave. I can't handle a messy office.

Remember that "souvenir?" There she is. I mean really. I said something French.

And because every office needs the three things on the bottom shelf: boom box, portable fan from my dorm room {jealous??} and febreeze Lavender.

What you don't see is that there are like 15 pages tacked together for every piece of paper. That's all the memo's from this week. Great. Look closely, you'll see my beloved: the spreadsheet pile.

Its really disgusting how OCD I am. I mean really gross.
And this is my catch all drawer translation condiment holder. That's right. If you need know where to go.
And my pile of jewelry that I always end up throwing off by the end of the day.
And my partner in crime that stays glued to my ear about 7 hours a day.

And to top off the embarassment, I thought I'ld post what a typical outfit looks like in the non profit world.
Listen, its not stylish. Its functional. I'm digging around, lifting tons of boxes, rearranging furniture and trying to be professional all the while. PS excuse the unmade bed. The snooze went off several times. And most importantly please excuse the unbrushed hair and unflattering pants. BACK OFF I'm in a size 6 now. THAT alone is worth it to me.


I just sent another interview to one of my best buddies and am waiting on her to respond {don't let us down Caldwell}.

So while we wait, I'll answer some.

1. If you had a talk show, who would your first 3 guests be?
This is a tough one. I'ld hope my show would be entertaining and we all know that I'm NOT, so I'ld need A LOT of help. I'ld pick Khloe Kardashian, that comedian Aziz {absolutely hilarious} probably my friend Megan {because I think she's probably the only person who could hold her own with these two}.

2.What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
Hands down a bad reaction I had to a Chappy's hamburger in 6th grade. I'll spare the details but I got sick QUICK. We were trying on uniforms for Dance Team and the only bathroom available was the one in the old multi-purpose room behind the stage. And yes, the school play {which is a HUGE to do where I went... all the cool kids did it} was having its dress rehearsal. Translation the most embarrassing moment of my life. Hands down. Or it could be the time I tried to put pennies in the coke machine...Hmmm...

3.You're stuck in an elevator with three people for hours. Who would
you want to be stuck with?
Easy. Chelsea Handler, Matthew McConaughay {when I would convince him to leave his gross baby momma with a bad accent on shear genious and make him confess his undying love for me} and my on more person who I will keep anonymous to avoid the judgment from all my girlfriends.

4. If you were about to die, what would your last meal be?
Holy Moly. This is tough. I'ld get a schmorgus board of my favorite things: a gyro on a wheat pita with extra hummus, Harbor Docks Sushi, CHICKFILA number one {two mayo's}, Hopkins' Chicken Tetrazzini Salad, Niffer's Chicken Rancher, Crabcakes Cavallo, Shrimp and Grits, and a hamburger from Ted's.

5. When you were a little girl, where did you see yourself at 26?
I saw myself married with a baby. No comment.

6. Favorite thing you own?
My family videos that were converted to DVD

7. What are your goals this year?
To get it together.

8. Do you believe in love at first site?
Yes Yes Yes. Been there. Done that. And it was an undying infatuation.

9. What is one thing that makes you YOU?
My inner drive to be better

10. If you were to be described in three words, what would they be?
quirky, aggressive, creative

11. Where is your favorite place to shop?
This is the hardest one. It depends on what I'm shopping for.
Clothes: old navy, dillards, cole couture, Loft
HomeDecor: Target, TJMaxx
Makeup: Ulta, Sephora

12. If you had to choose, would you rather decorate your home or fill
up your closet?
Depends on my mood. I change my mind about this daily. It is easier to fill up my closet than buy all the things I want for my home.

13.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
I didn't get what I wanted more than anything in the world. And now my eyes are opened to so much more joy than I could have ever dreamed of.

14. What places are on your list for your travels?
Cabo, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Boston

15. QUICK...Fill in the blank: My life would be complete if ________.
my friends all lived in the same town as me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm beyond in love.

Highlight, summation, border drawn...comparison complete...

"Mondays Oh I hate Mondays...they make me so steamed." {Will Ferrell as the devil on SNL}

If you're like me, you hate Mondays. Because Mondays are like the WORST day of the week. After a nice relaxing weekend, I get thrown to the wolves the moment I walk through the door. I can't even put down my big bag of food {full of the week's groceries like hummus, bananas, off brand granola bars and pita chips, left overs to be devoured for lunch, and capri-suns...yeh I said it!!} without someone yelling at me. "Hey did you call so and so?? Blah Blah Blah." Geez, can't a girl just organize her groceries in peace?? And PS I still have 20 minutes before I'm supposed to be here, so I'm NOT here. Needless to say, the big shopping bag mom and dad brought to me as a "souvenir" {that they were handed in the Aruba airport...I'm on to you guys. I told you to bring me back something French and you brought me a red paper shopper that says "Little Switzerland" on it. You went to ARUBA...NOT Switzerland. I'm no fool!!} is still sitting in a pile amongst the days worth of cardigans that have started to pile up next to my desk in my office.

So it was only 8:40 and I had decided that I wanted to jump ship. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't abandon what I do {and secretly love for some reason...don't ask me why because there's a ZERO percent chance that I will be able to come up with a reason for you}. I just am starting to really like the idea of working at home. It isn't an option. DANGIT. But if it were, I could GUARANTEE you that the souvenir wouldn't be piled up for weeks on end and my cardigans would stay hung up in the closet where they belong. And I should really hope that my office would be as posh as these...

And the best part is, I would be the best friend ever! I would actually be able to gchat when I wanted. PS I love me a good gchat. So for you lurkers out there who are scared to speak up {Im not scary I promise}, if you're on helps me get through the day. Email your girl:

And most importantly, if I were to have my office, I wouldn't be afraid to BLAST my music the way I want. Perfect example: I could so make me some spreadsheets right now jamming to "what a girl wants" {take me back to my high school days riding around with my friend Megan in the postal jeep:) }. By the way, I love me a spreadsheet. Quote me on it. Ask the co-workers. I LOVE spreadsheets. Que the phone beeping loudly with my boss on the other end. "Hey Rachel, do you know what the cancelation rate was for this one person at the end of 4/30/09 was??" {everyone rolls their eyes and says, "UM no...who knows that?"}. "Why yes I do. Let me pull up that spreadsheet." Highlight, summation, border drawn. Insert this week's numbers. Copy/paste...comparison complete...all in 30 seconds. TOP that grotskys!! It just warms my heart thinking about all the goodness of Excel.

Ok I'm done now. And disgusted at myself all at the same time...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Add These...

Its been quite a nice weekend.

Lots of catching up with an old buddy of mine. An AMAZING morning at church. Saved a bunch on groceries by swapping to Winn Dixie {Dangit...I LOVE Publix though}. Worked on my tan at the pool. And played catchup in the blog world.

And these two just stopped me DEAD in my tracks.

Go ahead and file these in my TDF file!

I think what I love the MOST about this kitchen is the creativity with the seating. Instead of the usual bar stools, this kitchen used 2 bar stool benches {is that what you would refer to these as??}. Oh and I also LOVE the pendant lighting, the glass door refrigerator, dark wood floors, clever use of cabinetry and perfect natural light streaming in!

And when I saw this bathroom, I just D.I.E.D. The knobs on the wall behind the free standing tub...


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ignoring that memo...

I don't know if its The Hills Marathon playing that's really got me thinking that its just about time to grow up, but for some reason, I've got the itch.

You would have thought that I would have caught this memo WAY before now, but the truth is, I have and I've just decided to ignore it all this time.

Truth be known I have no plans of doing it ANY time soon, simple because I don't have to :).


If the stars align and I decide to actually follow that memo, I can promise that I would be a COOL mom. I would want a COOL nursery. No giraffes or sailboats. I would go completely over the top. I've been secretly filing away nursery pictures. So, don't get any crazy ideas here. I simply am sharing since all my friends are stepping into Mommyhood.

Hey, good for you guys. I'll shop for the little banschee and volunteer all my decorating ideas for free if you want!

This Budweiser Sauce's For You...

One of the best things about the blog world is that you can make friends with people you NEVER see!! And when you find out who is following your own blog, you will be pleasantly surprised when the "stalkers" fess up. I specifically remember when my friend Megan confessed to being a quiet stalker. I was really surprised to say the least. Let me back it up for a minute.

Okay, Megan went to the same high school as me, but she was a class ahead of me. She had transferred from our biggest rival school and instantly she was a hit! Now, I was best of friends with this class before they graduated. In fact, I really had to rebuild my friend base at the beginning of my senior year. We had mutual friends, but I was really the Junior tag-along {translation: WAY too low on the totem pole to hang out with the really popular people}. The reality of this is that this was all in my head because now I realize that we were really all on the same playing field, but I had the usual high school girl insecurities.


I always thought Megan was SOOOO cool! She had the car I wanted {DANGIT MOM AND DAD!! Why did you have to bring home the Hunter Green Montero Sport?? I told you I wanted the one JUST like Megan McNair's.}, the figure I wanted, the clothes I wanted and the personality that just naturally attracts people to her...all of which I wanted. She was like the ultimate to me.

So, when I was sitting in my office and received an email that she was following my blog, I literally had a moment. One that if this were in the movies, bright lights would come on and harps would start to play. OH MY GOSH...she not only knows who I am, she LIKES my blog?? Ok, it was all worth it. I'ld like to thank blogger for allowing me the opportunity to post stolen pictures. Cupcakes and Cashmere for inspiring me to dress the way I want, not what I think is safe. Sara Caldwell for encouraging me with suggestions for new posts. And an exboyfriend whose unintentional heartbreak led me to finding comfort in the blog world. Guys, I felt like a million bucks {that's for you TCLEMS}.


So ever since, we've become blogger buddies and I swear that if I somehow make it back to living in Fungomery, I will SOOO be your BFF Megan!!

Make sure you add her blog to your list {}. I swear she will have you laughing AT ALL TIMES!! And the best part is, if you were to see her in person, you would never imagine it possible to have that much humor from such a tiny cute PRECIOUSLY dressed girl!!

I asked her to do an interview and here you go!!!


Wow. This is a lot of pressure.
For some reason I am taking this "interview" pretty seriously. I dont know why. But I didnt put this much thought in to my SATs {true story}.
I am trying not to come-off as a total freak {no chance} here. Even before I write my answers, I already know that I am going to worry about how dumb my lists are. Im sweating just thinking about how weird I am. I cant take myself anywhere. Who thought it would be a good idea to allow me to blog unsupervised?
So here goes nothing... And FYI - I didnt include God, my husband, family, or friends in any of my answers because I thought that would be too obvious and too easy. And I love to make things more difficult for myself than they need to be.
With out further adieu {can I get a drum roll please....}

::Five Things I Can't Live Without::

1. Clarins Tanning Instant Gel - A quick glance into the mirror this morning reminded me that I need to hoard this product. Trust me, you do not want to find yourself with an empty bottle. I do not know how I let this happen, but now my day is totally ruined because I look like George Washington. In my professional opinion {I can say that because I have a profession}, Clarins gives you better color than any other self tanner. Even Oprah agrees. Yes, Oprah. Clarins will become a dear friend, refusing to let you walk around looking like Dina Lohan, or worse... the powder-faced first President of the United States. Oh the humanity!

2. Budweiser Buffalo Wing Sauce {Mild} - I almost didnt include this one because I wanted you to think that I was super healthy and I only ate things like tofu, vitamins, and leeks. But then I started thinking that Rachel may include a link to my blog and my cover would be totally blown. Truth be told, Ive got the diet of a third-grader. More specifically, a third grader who is on the first bus to fat camp, and you can bet the farm that Im sneaking Budweiser Buffalo Wing Sauce into my cabin. It can make a burnt piece of chicken melt in your mouth. And dont get me started about what it does to a piece of pizza. Just take my word and try it for yourself. You'll hate and love me all at the same time.
3. Chi Straightener - Quick! Someone distract my hair stylist while I tell you that I use my straightener every. day. Oh my gosh, did she just pass out? I know its politically incorrect to use it every day, but I just cant kick the addiction. Does it make me a better person if I tell you that I use industrial strength conditioners and argan oil before I iron out my tresses? I was recently informed that there is a bigger, badder straightener out there, but I could never be so bold as to abandon my Chi. Maybe it is late-90's/early-2000's technology, but maybe I like late-90's/early-2000's technology.
4. iPod Shuffle - First of all, I would just like to applaud myself for keeping up with something so small and easily misplaceable {is that a word} for such a long time. Now I have validation that Ill be a good mother. I have successfully managed to avoid throwing my ipod in with the laundry or have it ingested by a certain terribly mannered mysertymutt {however, I can not say the same for my husbands ipods}. I cant run without it. I absolutely, positively refuse to. It would be like asking me to run without shoes. Its that important. Which is why it showed up on this list.
5. Exercise - Does including exercise in this list make me sound skinny? Does it make you forget that I could inhale buffalo wing sauce with a straw if my husband would let me? No? I was afraid of that. I actually dread exercising. Nothing about holding the warrior pose for so long that my thigh turns red and starts shaking uncontrollably really appeals to me. And as a rule, I try to shy away from things which make me lose control of my muscle function. But exercise is the exception. I always feel so good AFTER I have completed a workout that I trick myself into thinking that I should do it every day. And I am definitely going to... starting next week.
:: Five things I am glad I dont have to live without ::
1. Extendable E Z Reacher - I am not yet a proud owner, but I take comfort in knowing that the product is out there. I look forward to the day when I will not have to get out of the recliner to retrieve my grape slurpie.Pardon my EZ Reacher, but Im feeling a tad parched. And, are those my Cool Ranch Doritos? Slide them over would you. The extension arm is already at full capacity.
2. Blackberry - The ability to get emails on my phone makes me feel all sorts of professional. I love seeing "Sent via BlackBerry from TMobile". Its so official sounding. I love sounding official
3. Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich {Pickles and BBWS only} - Huh? What? So weird that this just appeared on this list because I have never... how did I go 27 years without trying this sandwich. Its a good thing that I just made the discovery because instead of the "Half-Ton Dad", you might be watching the "Quarter Ton Megan" on TLC. And my husband would be SO SOUR if he had to rip down a wall to get me out of our room. Do you know how hard plaster is to patch?
4. Target - I dont know how I end up in this store every Saturday, but I do. I find myself mindlessly wandering the aisles, not looking for anything in particular, but somehow managing to fill up my cart. Do I really need this aqua binder with the greek key design? No. But now that I have seen it, how can I go home with out one? And look, matching files. Im sure Ill want to file something one day. Target does this to me on every aisle. Dang them and their super cute packaging.
5. Chocolate Milkshakes - Chances are looking better and better for the TLC show.
:: Five things I think would make my life complete ::
1. Retiring early to a private island with my husband - We need to make this happen ASAP.
2. The ability to make my own shoes - Ive searched for the perfect pair of black boots for years now, and have remained empty handed. I have the perfect pair visualized in my head. If only I could make them myself...
3. Inventing an invention in real. life. {not just in my head} - I think of inventions everyday. Ask me to think of an invention. Ask me. ... Okay... Ive got one. I cant tell you what it is because I dont want you to steal my idea, but its really good. Really good. And you will definitely want two. Definitely.

4. Phillip B Russian Amber Imperial {Luxury} Shampoo -
Dear Santa, if you bring me this {$140} shampoo, I promise I wont ask for anything ever again ever ever ever..until next year.
5. Baybays!!! - Ill take 5 please. And yes I have lost my mind, but that was years ago.

:: Five things I hope I never have ::
1. Lyrics to a Justin Bieber song stuck in my head - Because this would mean that I know the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song, which would mean that I actually enjoy a Justin Beiber song. I am still not comfortable with the fact that I actually downloaded Party in the USA on my ipod about a year ago. Throw Beiber into the mix and it is system overload. What is with this kid and his hair anyway?
3. An iPad - I suppose I need to apply for witness protection program now. I just dont see the point. I dont want a computer that I can carry with me where ever I go. My laptop at home is just fine. And when I read books, I like to read BOOKS. I like to turn pages, and highlight, and make notes. I am a very messy reader which confuses my husband. He likes to keep books in pristine condition for future generations, but I wear my books out like I wear out my favorite pair of shoes. I like to look back and see my notes and highlights. You cant wear out an iPad. As soon as you do, they will introduce a new version. And in my opinion, a bookshelf full of old iPads will never look as charming as a bookshelf full of old books.

4. A bowl cut - If Heidi Klum cant pull one off, no one can. Except for my 4 year old nephew. Dixon can rock a bowl cut
5. Cut Pile Carpet in my house - It makes my teeth itch.

:: Five things that make me, me::

1. I am creative -
Can I paint a portrait of Snooki with a jar of pickles? No. But I can come up with an awesome poem for your Evite invitation.
2. I am slowly becoming patient - Just a little something Ive been working on.
3. I laugh at myself... a lot - If you only knew how many times a day I fall down stairs or smack myself in the face with a car door. Its a lot more fun when people are laughing WITH you.
4. I have memorized an embarrasing number of lines from the movie Billy Madison - Judas Priest Marsha, its one of those flaming bags again. Dont put it out with your boots, Ted. Stop telling me my business, devil woman.
5. I have a quirky sense of humor - If only every show was as hysterical as Arrested Development.

XO Rachels Blog Stalkers. Come visit me sometime.