Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recent Kitchen Activities...

After a long day goofing off in Destin, today was perfectly boring. I did make my Sunday trip to Target to pick up the weekly necessities {dog food, milk, eyeliner, soap dispensers??}. You know, the things you absolutely MUST have to survive.

Anyway, I lounged around the house for the majority of the day. I must admit, it was quite luxurious to look at the clock and realize I was wearing PJ's at 2 pm. Definitely a rarity for this girl!!

Don't think I wasn't productive though. Both dogs were given haircuts. I must admit my dog grooming skills have really improved. What an easy way to save $80 a month!! Madison, however, disagreed. She had a little fight with the scissors {one I wish I had on video}.

I thought I'ld show you the little "projects" I've had going on in my kitchen. Please bear in mind that I did NOT pick out any of the following: appliances, cabinets, hardware {or lack thereof}, fixures, countertops. Ummm, basically anything that didn't come in the moving truck. Hey, I work with what I have.

Example A. The faucet. WHAT is this?? Could they not have sprung for one that doesnt have knobs like a bathroom sink? Guess not. Anyway, I was in Target last week and bought one of these soap dispensers. As soon as I got it home, I immediately regretted not buying two. Why? Because it is so cute but as soon as you put an ugly bottle of dish liquid next to it, the charm dies. So, I have 2 now. One for hand soap and one for dish soap. Stupid?? No, I'm the only one using them...I know which is which!!
And because my refrigerator was WAY overcluttered with things, I decided to bring some order to the chaos with some cork board tiles {3 of which have fallen due to the inadequate tape provided...spring for the heavy duty kind!!}. MUCH MUCH BETTER...if you ask me!
Yes, there are still the super girly, "hey I should be on a college girl's fridge" magnets. I just can't part with them....yet. And the postcard is by far my favorite thing. It makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. Thanks TIFF!!!
I had a friend over for dinner last weekend and decided to splurge with some flowers from Fresh Market. They really do make you feel good about yourself. At least they do me.
Moving to the living room. Hudson and Madison got gifts for being good sports with the haircuts {sidenote: this was taken as a before}. Old Navy had these two collars that I could NOT pass up for the rascals!!

Enough about H 180. More fun pretty things to come this week!!!

Thank You Megan...

You may remember my recent post about my search for a new coffee table. Thanks to the fabulous Megan, I have fallen in love with Ballard Design's Durham Coffee Table. AND it's close to my budget. At $349 {plus shipping}, I think it gives a BIG bang for the buck. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you sooooo sooooo much Megan for your persistence in helping me. Like I said in an email to you on Friday, if I didn't work for a charity that pays close to nothing, I would INSTANTLY hire you as my personal shopper. You are just that fabulous!!

I've always loved Ballard Designs. It showcases several design types to please several styles. My mom and I used to sit over the catalog and flag page after page. I'ld come back and look at the pages she flagged and tried to guess what she picked. It was our thing. Anyway. I've moved towards a more "modern" style, so I somewhat abandoned my beloved Ballard. I'm glad I was reminded about how GREAT it is because I've spent quite a while on their website. Of course, there are several things I'ld love to have {blog post to come}.

I was really drawn to several of Ballard Designs's fabrics...

REALLY feeling this color palette. Not in the over the top black/white theme, but more liveable, relaxed, natural and comfortable all with style.

And of course, this IKAT look-a-like really caught my eye.
Two Reasons.
1. LOVING the color scheme here.
2. LOVING the print.

And this reminds me of an accent pillow on my bed.
For some reason, I'm REALLY into geometric prints. I love the symmetry and clean lines!!

Weekend Recap...

Had a FABULOUS day yesterday catching up with my friend Tiffany in Destin. We spent the day doing the girly things I used to be so good at doing with friends and have recently, go to the movies and sushi. It was just the perfect date {minus my poor outfit planning}.

I was pumped to have something to actually put an outfit together for {that wasn't work related}. All my new purchases have been hanging in my closet just waiting to be worn, so the decision was tough. No, I wasn't curing cancer, but it was fun nonetheless.

When I left the house in cuffed skinny jeans, a grey & white striped tank and a jersey grandpa cardigan complete with silver sandals, I thought "I may be jumping the gun here, but its 70 degrees out so here goes." Of course the temperature began to drastically drop as soon as I bragged about the fabulous Florida weather. By the time I reached Destin, it was down to 46!! GREAT, I'm going to freeze!! I guess I had forgotten how fickle weather is in January!!

Anyway, as soon as I got to Tiff's house, I spotted her sporting a super cute outfit: Jeans, cute flannel button down, Toms and this...

OH I DIE!!! My eyes instantly were glued to her Marc Jacobs bag.
I've been drooling over bags like this that are so casually worn across the body.

As we were shopping, we came across a FABULOUS store that sold these bags.
I have a new obsession.
All things Marc Jacobs.
Example A...

I should have known years ago that I would fall head over heals for his pieces.
I had the most fabulous pair of his sunglasses that were STOLEN in Target.
I'm still upset about that!!

Oh and one more thing. All over facebook, people are having fun with the Doppleganger game. I don't speak any language other than English and Spanish, so I had NO clue what this was about. So of course I looked it up on Wikipedia and here's what I found. "In the vernacular, the word "doppelgänger" has come to refer (as in German) to any double or look-alike of a person."

I'm not a vain person, so this game isn't fun for me. But we were talking about this at work the other day and I was told I resemble these two...

Ok, I'll take it!! I've always heard Jennifer Garner, mostly because the movie 13 Going On 30 the girl that plays the 13 year old Jenna looks A LOT like I did when I was 13. And she looks like what you would imagine Jennifer Garner to look like at 13. I personally don't think I resemble her, but if it means a Ben Affleck is around the corner waiting on me, yes please!!

And the Kate Beckinsale... that was a new one. One that I was extremely flattered and made nervous at the same time. A guy that was working for us a few weeks ago, went on and on about how I remind him of Kate {as if he knows her??}. Probably the majority of this was that I was his boss and he feared his job was on the line. Whatever, I'll take it {even if he drew eyeliner on his chin hair and eyebrows}.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Physical Therapy for a 5 Pound Dog??

This past week, my first yorkie {now my mother's pride and joy aka her 4th child} had to have surgery on her knees. Of course, this sent Mom into orbit. She was almost a basket case for the 2 days Lexington was at the vet. She visited with her and was beyond elated when she got to take her home. I happened to call her as soon as they were getting into the car. Needless to say, she sounded like she had just won the lottery!! For anyone wondering, Lexington is doing just fine. She will start her Physical Therapy sessions soon {don't get me started} and has been given the ultimate post op care complete with a Friday night car ride to McDonalds for some french fries.

I've been wanting to go home for a visit, but have been instructed that we are not allowed for another 3 weeks because Lexington cannot have any activity whatsoever. And with my two rascals, that would just set her over the edge. So we will have to wait a while before making a road trip. Until then, here are some pictures for the "grandparents."

I started out making a Madison and Hudson pictures only post since they can't visit anytime soon, but then I started to realize there are a bunch of other dogs I love as well. If I left any out, please don't take offense. I have 1000's of pictures saved on my computer and I literally spent 45 minutes looking through them for pupster pics!!

Here's our morning routine {or it was until Hudson jumped off the balcony one day}.

Ladies, he's single and ready to mingle.
Here is Mr. Lundyman. This was taken back in August when my friend Lisa was in the hospital. Bless her heart, she was there for around 3 months so Lundy needed a temporary home. He stayed with us some and all 3 dogs had the best time together. I, unfortunately, had the responsibility of 3 dogs on a leash at once. Not as much fun. But I love Lundy. He's absolutely perfect!!
mom and Hudson
Here's Gramama with her grandson, Hudson. I mentioned she needs grandkids at one point. Can you tell??
And the love of my little Madison.


We can't leave this one out. We miss Wyatt so much!! Wyatt is Ryan's sister's dog. For those of you wondering what breed he is, he is a Viszla. Wyatt would just randomly show up and Ryan's house to hang out. Since Ryan lived in the Carriage House on Heidi and Jamey's land, it wasn't too far away. These guys were the best of buds, although Wyatt wasn't so sure what to do with Hudson.
Little Lexington aka "Tinky."
Oh this is one of my all time favorite pictures EVER. Take me back to my college days in Ross Park!! Madison was still somewhat of a puppy. Here she is with Hampton {the chihuahua} and Buck {aka Uncle Buck}. They LOVED doing this.
Hampy again!!! We miss you little Wa!!
Here's sweet and pretty Coosa aka Cousin Coos. She's so sweet and LOVES Madison!!
And a picture of Mom with her pride and joy, Lexington.
And one last one. Here's Zita {aka Sassy ZiZi}. Jenny is one of my best friends and she's pictured here with her sister Margaret {holding Lexie}. Zita and Lexie were the best of buds when I lived in Auburn!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"PS, This Is Austin..."

So I'm devoting this post to the Auburn celebrity, affectionately known by many as T Clems, Tiff, Tiffster, and most popularly Tiffany Clemons.

T Clems, this bud's for you!!

Since she gave me the kindest "shoutout" {take me back to my Blake years why don't you}, I thought it only right to return the favor. She is new to the blog world {thanks to my extreme campaigning} and I have a feeling that her blog will take off WAY before mine!!

Anyway, how do I know this hot asian {BACK OFF I'm not being racist, we've called her that for years and she doesn't mind...right T Clems??}...


Well it all started the day she began to work at Behind the Glass. I remember some loud obnoxious energetic girl with the cutest outfit on working when I came in for my afternoon shift. Of course, with a boutique of all college girls, it is overflowing with estrogen and the claws always came out. Just the nature of the game. So we were all very protective of each other. It was part of our identity. We were affectionately known as "The BTG B*****s around town" Now, I'm not saying I'm proud of this, it just came with the territory of working in the best clothing store in Auburn.

I remembered being TERRIFIED of shopping there before I worked there, so I was determined to change that once I started my job. After weeding out several people {who will remain nameless for kindness purposes}, the store started to get a more welcoming feeling. So, the day that T Clems started working there, the fun REALLY began.

I don't remember too many specifics, but I do know we hit it off immediately over the intense love of quoting Napoleon Dynamite. Before I left, I remember telling her we needed to be friends on facebook {which was right when FB came out and it wasn't something you really talked about...we all were on it, but it wasn't cool to discuss...weird I know}.

It was history from there. Lots and lots of goofing of at work. Lots of getting in trouble. And lots of convincing people to buy things they really didn't need. And for T Clems, lots of Tiger Card purchases. That girl knew the exact HOUR that Tiger Card rolled over and she was buying her items on hold the minute she could!! She was a Bodega HERO before Sky Bar took over. And then she became the Sky Bar hero. She was brave enough to wear a prom dress to the bar on Valentines Day night and another time walked around with toilet paper stuck to her shoe just for the reactions. And she's the only one who could pull this off! Gosh I love this girl!!

But now, the hot Asian {who continues to swear off fries}lives in my dream city, Austin, Texas. I couldn't be more jealous. Literally!! The other lovely pictured in that dinosaur of a picture circa 2006?? is my other college BFF {another BTG girl} and she just happens to live there as well. Seems to me like I have a calling!! If only Lisa {yet ANOTHER BTG girl} would move there too, we could all open a store and re-live our glory days all again!

Anyway, I'm beyond pumped to spend the day with you Saturday BOYFRIEND!!?!?!?. The camera will be out at all times and I hope you cause some sort of crowd entertainment. Just saying!!

**For those of you who didn't have the priviledge of going to Auburn, I do apologize for your loss and not understanding some of the references in this post.

BTG = Behind the Glass {the clothing boutique I worked at for almost 4 years}
Bodega = coolest bar in Auburn where the cool kids went...Taco Tuesday anyone??
Sky Bar = Death of bodega and birth of 18 year olds getting into the bar {except for that skeezy bar, Highlands}

And now everything has changed since we were there. My sister is probably reading this saying, "Highlands, what the french is that??!?!?"

I'm With The Crew...

Good Morning bloggers!! Today's Thursday, which means we're so close to the weekend, we can taste it. So in honor of this, I thought I'ld post what I'm dreaming of hanging in my closet for spring. This will probably turn into a mini series, because I've found TONS I want from just J.Crew along {which is a no brainer for me}. All the items below can be found at J.Crew, so get ready to salivate and start making your shopping list!!

Maybe I'm the only one who really enjoys the look J.Crew is famous for {no I'm not, there's a blog devoted to all things J.Crew!!}, but I just can't get over this love affair! The thing I like the most about all these pieces is that you cant easily take them from day to night. I don't know about you, but I spend 98% of my life in an office, so if I happen to have plans for the night, the last thing I want to do is come home and have to start over on the outfit picking out game. With just a few changes in accessories, your office chic outfit is ready for a dinner date with friends!! Simplicity at its best. I'm all about saving steps!! Plus, the best part is, you can take 98% of the pieces found in J.Crew and mix and match and never repeat and outfit. Now, THAT is economizing!!